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  • Hi,

    Just been trying to install feedwordpress. I have activated the plugin and placed the files but when I navigate to ‘options/syndication’ in the dashboard nothing is shown there. I am checking through the code – I have made sure that these files have been uploaded in binary just in case. I am wondering if this is a PHP5 thing – has anyone got this plugin working with a php5/apache2 setup?


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  • Ah looking through the comments here:

    It does seem others have had the same problem. I guess I’d have to conclude that feedwordpress doesn’t work on PHP5 (yet).

    I have already tried laughingmeme’s RSS aggregator but have (many) problems with MagpieRSS conflicting with rss-aggregate.php. Even after renaming all the functions to name2 – I can not get the scripts to run. (final error is with rss-aggregate.php itself which conflicts with magpiess ()!!!) .

    I really need to pull a couple of RSS feeds into WP – can anyone possible suggest any other plugins that can do this?

    Denis was kind enough to post a list:

    However it seems that only feedwordpress and laughingmeme’s seem to do what I want. The third option – has stopped being used by the author as well in favour of feedwordpress *g. Any other suggestions more than welcome!

    Sorry I read that a bit quick – the user having trouble was on PHP 4.3.10 not PHP5. That is exactly the same display issue that I am getting here though.

    So back to my origional question then – has anyone got this working on PHP5 yet?

    OK I’ll continue my tradition of only ever talking to myself at these forums… 😉

    In case anyone finds this. Updating to the latest 1.5.3 gave me back the options panel. Good luck.



    Hello. I’m not sure if you got your FeedWordPress working. I’ve got mine working on PHP 4.3.11, so it’s not PHP 5, but based on your first post here I thought perhaps you’re missing the Links/Syndicated section in the admin panel. If you didn’t know already, this is where you add your feeds to be syndicated into posts. The Options/Syndication is just where you set the global FeedWordPress settings.

    After trying various ways to pull and publish news feeds using WP, I’m very happy with FeedWordPress.

    Now, what I’m trying to figure out is how to have the feed-to-posts updated automatically. I’ve tried setting up a cronjob with the cronjob line (25 * * * * cd $HOME/www/wp/wp-content ; php -q update-feeds.php)supplied in the FeedWordPress documentation, but I know nothing about cronjobs and I’m pretty sure I didn’t modify the given cronjob string correctly.

    Please let me know if you (or anyone else) has been able to configure things to get the FeedWordPress feed-posts to update automatically. I’ve tried various WP-cron plugins, but apparently those are to update regular WP links.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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