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  • Hi, its a first time I am making automated blog. I am using feedwordpress and syndycated ezinearticles feeds.

    The problem is – when you click any blog post it links to ezine articles website and I want it to link to my blog url, lets say and not to

    Or for example I take any other feed from other website and it gives me only titles and no blog posts, when you click title you go to that website I took feed from…

    How can I make that I have blog posts themselves and not just main page without any blog posts (because when you click any post you are redirected to site that provides the feed)??

    please help

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  • It’s a setting in Feedwordpress. Under Syndication/Posts – see screenshot.

    Screen Shot

    thanks, woks great!

    However another newbie question – as I said I am taking feeds from ezinearticles and the problem is that it gives me only one or two starting sentences of the whole article. How can I make that once I click any post it opens as a whole article and not the same couple sentences only?

    Or its ezinearticles that choose not to provide full articles as feeds?
    If so PLEASE advice me any place where I can find good finance/investment feeds?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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