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  • I swear I’ve spent an hour or two trying to get FeedWordPress to work and I’m not getting it.

    • It installs like a champ.
    • I can add RSS feeds.
    • It sees the feeds and says it can update from them.

    But I can’t see any posts. I assume that it will create posts in my dashboard or on my list of posts, but I’m… a complete idiot or something.

    I can’t find anything that tells me where the posts should be, so maybe I’m just missing something. I don’t get error messages, I just don’t get… anything. It’s like I’ve got the car fueled up and in drive but I’m not getting anywhere.

    Can someone help me understand what I’m doing wrong?



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  • Hardly, since you describe only whats working. If you press update all, does it go though all the feeds and shows you if there are new posts?

    And yes, you should see posts under Manages/posts

    I was having the same problem, but got it to work by changing the default setting for “Publication” under Settings -> Syndication (i.e. NOT the big “Syndication” at the bottom of the menu!). I don’t know why, but that did the trick – maybe there is not corresponding setting in WordPress that would allow you to hold a post for review? Either of the other three settings worked fine for me, just not the default.

    Thanks for any help.

    Re: FeedWordpress New Installations
    I’m trying to set this:
    Syndicated Link category: “my keyword” News

    And am stuck here:
    Step 5 from
    Once the plugin is activated, you can go to Syndication –> Options and set (1) the link category that FeedWordPress will syndicate links from (by default, “Contributors”), and (2) whether FeedWordPress will use automatic updates or only manual updates.
    There is NO “Syndication -> Options” in my WordPress version 2.7.1 anywhere I can find. There is a “Syndication ->Settings” but this goes to the following:

    The first set of options in “Syndication Settings” contains this:
    1. Syndicated Link category: (empty drop down box) that can’t be changed.

    So, I’m stopped with no where to go. So far, my searching on the internet has not led me to an answer. Any help is really appreciated.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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