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  • ericvanderlinden


    I am using feedwordpress and I happen to use WPML in the same site. Every time I updated a feed all post were duplicated, time after time…

    It was not until I started debuggung and got the SQL used to find duplicates that it got clear:
    SELECT wp_posts.ID, wp_posts.guid, wp_posts.post_modified_gmt
    FROM wp_posts
    JOIN wp_icl_translations t ON wp_posts.ID = t.element_id
    AND t.element_type IN (‘post_post’,’post_page’,’post_bedrijven’) JOIN wp_icl_languages l ON t.language_code=l.code AND WHERE 1=1 AND ((guid = ‘’)) ORDER BY wp_posts.post_date DESC
    That Feedwordpress is actually integrated with WPML. As far as I can find it is not an option to integrate.
    The post type I was using to separate the news posts from other posts was not registered with WPML and because Feedwordpress checks via the wp_icl_translations only duplicates are not found.

    I am not interested in the integration Feedwordpress and WPML because news articles will not be translated… so the SQL only produced a lot of overhead.

    Can this be an option.

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