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  • This is really simple addition but I think it should be in the nxt version. Feedster has a new key systems that allows you to identify any blog you have as being yours. I hacked it in mine no sweat.
    In b2config.php:
    $feedsterkey = ‘KeyID’;
    In index.php:
    <meta name=”feedsteridentity” content=”<?php echo $feedsterkey; ?>”>
    I’m not sure if you need to get as extravagant as hiding the whole line if the keys not there though.

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  • Man, Feedster is really doing some cool stuff…

    Hmm, Being as I coded this in .71 it looks as if it won’t work in .72. It looks like they moved the configs to the db.

    just put it in wp-config.php or wp-config-extra.php

    Yeah, I figured that but I meant id the wordpress maintainors wanted to add it in they’d probably code it into the db with everything else.

    Any new news on integrating this? That was a simple hack and as I understand it’s current standing is that it won’t work any further? Is it in CVS, or can it be added with a few minutes of work?

    It could be added very easily, I think. I’ll put that up on my to-do-list, but can’t promise it will be done in the next few days.

    What are the benefits of this? Unless the key could be used in several places, I don’t see any reason why people can’t just edit their template to add this like anything else. We don’t need an option for everything.

    @allusion: hmm… on the one hand this could lower the bar a little for people who are not too knowledged with PHP/HTML at all. On the other hand the question is if those people could manage to get WordPress up and running at all.
    I’m not sure at all… having a patch ready would allow to have this setting in the options, but one still would have to manually add the new feature to their template. In the end it’s the same problem as adding just a line with the “hardcoded” key to the template file, but additionally the patch would need to mess around with the database…
    Well, it seems you convinced me, allusion 🙂
    For those who seek help for adding the key to yout index.php: have a look at the explanation given over at (the file you’ll have to edit is index.php – you most probably want to insert the line below the generator meta tag (line 13 in the “factory default” index.php)).

    Good point, no need to bloat the code with something like this. 🙂 That’s part of the reason I’m thinking b2 -> WP is the way to go. Thanks for keeping an eye on this.

    The problem is every time you update wordpress and add a new feature to the template we have to copy the keys over to the new template. If its in the dabase you don’t have to worry bout copying stuff over every time. The more stuff you all in the settings the less that has to be copied.
    Another idea that might work better is to have a place in the settings to insert html code into the database. For example a database entry where I can put all my meta tags that aren’t directly supported by wordpress.
    If you do this it woud be just as cool is you allow this for the sidebar as well and give the option to place at the top or bottom of the bar (for things like link pool, etc.)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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