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  • WordPress Feeds and Customzing Feeds discusses a lot about feeds. I want to list individual feeds for different categories and so I use the above information to provide links to the feeds.

    But when I use my feed reader program to look for feeds on that page, all the feeds have the same title, the name of my site as set in the Administration Panels.

    Is there a way to make the feeds come into the feed reader as “Site Name” for the feed for everything on my site, “Site Name – Comments” which is is already labeled as such, and “Site Name – Category News” or some custom name to distinguish one category feed from another category feed?

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  • This is what the title element (for the “channel”) in my various feed scripts currently looks like:

    <title><?php bloginfo_rss('name'); ?><?php if(is_category()) echo ' : ' . wp_specialchars(get_the_category_by_id($cat)); ?></title>

    Oh, when I say feed scripts, I mean wp-rss.php, wp-rss2.php, etc.

    Kaf: is this IN the RSS file or do I add it to the feed link on the page? Where would this go?


    IN the file. You have to modify (hack) the initial or main <title> element.

    Ah, but there is a catch. It doesn’t work in the wp-rss.php file but it does in the wp-rss2.php! Which is good enough for me right now!

    This is wonderful. Thanks!

    <title>guff : WordPress</title>

    Works here. Sure you’ve edited the correct <title> element in wp-rss.php? It’s the line right after <channel>.

    It works perfect in wp-rss2.php, but the tags didn’t work for me in wp-rss.php. I’ll try again. Most of the feeds I have listed are for rss 2, so I’m not that worried.


    I checked your site and found it is displaying in the RSS feed, but in the description element.

    Does this mean that it is possible to change the order in the title of Site name and Page title?

    If I would like to show the page title first instead of the standard “Site name »page title”, how would I write?

    for example: <title>My page title first » Site name</title>

    And is it possible to change the “»” to something else, or can I delete it entirely?

    I’m new to this and would be grateful for all the help

    Change it where, bokaflyg?

    There’s a plugin that’s a replacement to the regular wp_title() (reversing title order):

    Note the info on the ‘separator’ parameter there (wp_title() offers this too).

    Thanks Kafkaesqui – great link!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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