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  • WilbertDaFilbert


    Greetings All:

    I am new to WP, and need some help with setting up two feeds.

    One feed should be able to bring content *in* from other sites. And the other feed should go *out* to allow other sites to get information from my blog.

    I see a lot of feed information on the web, so I am not sure of where to begin with this.

    Also, one of the sites I am trying to draw from seems to have a feed on it, but I dont know how it works, or – if it does – then if it will be compatible with whatever I use for my feed software.

    Here is the site I want to draw from:

    That page updates the daily church reading, but I dont know if it will feed into my blog or not, and update itself on a daily basis. In the upper left hand corner, there is a “Share” link, which seems to hook up to a lot of feed services. But I dont know how these would work.

    Can anyone help me with these issues please?

    Thank you!


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  • converting2wp


    In order to repost links to the Daily Readings from the site, you need their “Subscribe” link, not the “Share” link. Click that, then click the “RSS feeds” link and you’ll find the link for the feed for the Daily Readings:

    Now go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Widget and drag the RSS widget to where you want the link to the daily reading to appear. In my test the RSS widget truncated the reading — you may just want to show the link back to the site. The full text of the Readings is published in the RSS feed, and while it may be possible to find an RSS plugin that would pull the entire set of readings to your site, formatting may be an issue — and be sure to check on the permission to republish it.

    To send information “out” you just need to “advertise” one of the feeds available on your site. The main one is http://your-site-address/feed, but if you have a complex site, you can use different feeds for different categories and more. See this Codex Article for more info.

    Once you have the feed you want, you can pull it into Facebook, share it with other related sites (so they can repost links to your info the way you’re reposting the information), advertise it to your followers so they can get your news via Google Reader or their favorite RSS tool, etc.

    Hope that helps.

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