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  • I tried posting this in the How To and Troubleshooting category and not drawing any responses, perhaps this is a more appropriate category for my question. I also posted this in the Feedburner Group at Google (Feedburner does not handle their own support any longer) but no one there seemed to know the answer – hoping someone here might be able to help…..

    I recently took an old static HTML site and recreated it in WordPress – all
    is working great including (current) Feed (using Feedburner) for new posts. Then I came across some OLD content that I missed copying over and want to post it
    using the OLD (original) content date (from 2004) by backdating the posts as I publish them, BUT I want to be SURE first that as I publish them they WONT get picked up by my FeedBurner feed to go out to subscribers.

    Can someone tell me if they will or won’t get picked up by the feed as new posts if they have an old publish date? If they will, is there any way I can add them without that happening?

    The URL is The old posts are from a trip taken in 2004 – they were on the old site but missed getting moved to the new site before the Feeds were set up.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer…..

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  • Your feed probably only shows like the 10 or 15 latest posts right? If your ‘old’ post are dated later than the 15 latest posts they won’t show up in the feed, and Feedburner will never see them.

    Thank you!! Yes, my feed setting is for 10 posts, and I have almost that many “new” posts now so I’ll wait until I pass 10 new ones, then I’ll post the old ones, and only reply back here if I have any trouble with it.

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