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  • Having the same issue here with latest version 2.3.7

    I had made some changes in the post template (like stripping of the ‘VIDEO:’ prefix from post title, etc.) but that affects only the manual posting via Catalogue page.

    The Autoposter is using a template directly from grabpress server (it seems) and that template has a bug – it misses the <style></style> tags to the end of post, which causes the featured image and the actual video to appear together. Ideally, only one should be shown.

    Can you please fix this? Here is an example:

    Plugin Author grabmedia


    We used to include the featured image in our standard Autoposter post template, meaning – Autoposter (the backend service for Grabpress, that checks for new videos that match your feed criteria and posts them to your site) used to include the video’s or the post’s featured image in the post template HTML.

    We noticed, however, that this was problematic, and it would create two featured images for certain users. This apparently, was due to the fact that each WordPress site uses different post templates. Some users have themes or post templates that already used the featured image, and some do not. This is not something we, as plugin developers, have any control over.

    That said, we concluded that the best thing we can do, and the correct thing to do, is to remove the featured image from the standard Autoposter (GrabPress) post template. The reason for this is, users are always able to edit and control their own post templates – and they can use the featured image as they wish.

    Please refer to the documentation on this:

    Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    This also got resolved – I do not know when. But the side-issue I mentioned is still there. Auto-poster template automatically adds a ‘VIDEO:’ prefix to title of all posts. Is there a way to change that.

    If use the manual Catalogue option to post, that prefix does not come (because I modified the template in code)

    You may want to provide users the ability to add their own content template for any posts. Something like allowing users to specify the html for post content and use shortcodes to embedd the title, body, thumbnail image, etc. This way different websites can use a different format of the same news post.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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