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feeding to same domain and speed

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    I’ve run into a problem setting up a feed. What I need is to feed the latest two or three posts from a blog to the top page of a website in the same domain/server. I wanted images in the feed, so I ended up using WordPressMU 1.2.1. I used rss2html to pull the feed into the top page, but it’s *extremely* slow. I was told on the rss2html forum that this was because the server needs first to generate the XML, then rss2html.php has to process it. So it’s taking over 12 seconds to show the top page, and that’s way too slow. If I view the feed at Bloglines, it’s pretty much instantaneous.

    So what I’d like to ask is …. what are my options? How can I pull a feed from a blog and include it in another html/php page in the domain without incurring all that overhead? For example, is there a way I could have WordPress automatically generate an actual file on the server each time the blog is updated and feed that instead? Any other tricks I could use? Or am I going to have to choose another blog software and set-up?


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  • in another html/php page

    Well, that’s absolutely not the same: in php you don’t need the intermediary step of the rss > html!
    And to have images in the feeds you don’t need wpmu – I have images in my WP feeds.

    Hi moshu. Thanks.

    I installed WordPressME 2.1.3, but this didn’t give me image links in the ‘encoded’ tag. I followed the installation instructions to the T, but the image links were absent from the XML. Is there some edit that’s necessary to include them?

    I don’t need rss2html in PHP? How would I do this? Could you point me in the direction of some samples, links?


    1. Check your settings: Options > Reading. If your feeds are set to show summary only (not full text) – it means no images. In full text they show up in a feedreader.

    2. http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/fetch_rss
    (a search for “display rss feeds” would also give you results… although at this moment the search times out)

    Thanks. I’ll check out the link.

    I promise, I tried setting ‘full text’ multiple times, and it had no effect at all. It *did* give me full text – but no image link in the ‘encoded’ tag. Then I installed MU and there was no problem getting the image link.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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