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    You are using the “Extract full articles” option, right? Is so, it means that the script is just unable to recognize that bold introtext in the original HTML webpage as a part of the article.

    The Full Text RSS script tries to extract the article form HTML documents, but it does not guarantee anything. It’s the best full text exactor today, but it’s not almighty, since AI is no invented yet 🙂

    Hi there,

    I’m indeed using “extract full article”.

    In the backend at the cyberseo settings i do see the bold introtext. Doesn’t that mean the plugin can read the missing text somehow?

    Regards, Ed’

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    The plugin can read the feed contents and if there is a bold introtext included, it can read it as well. But when you enable the “Extract full articles”, the plugin uses the text generated by the Full Text RSS script. The CyberSEO plugin shows the actual feed contents (the shortened article), while the Full Text RSS script extract the full article content directly from the HTML pages.

    Thanks for the fast reply,

    so i should untick “Extract full articles”? I temporarily did to see the difference – but with “Extract full articles” disabled i only see the first line of text and that’s all?

    To me it seemed when i enable “Extract full articles” it would load the entire (full) article

    Left confused. Regards, Ed’

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    There are two ways to get the article:
    1) We can take it from the RSS feed. Usually it will be just a short description (excerpt).
    2) We can try to parse the HTML page where the article is located to get the full text. In this case it’s not guaranteed that the article will be well-formatted etc.

    When you see a feed preview in CyberSEO, you see a result of method #1. However if you enable “Extract full articles”, method #2 will be used to generate the post.

    Thanks for clarifying!

    Is the free version merely showing the excerpt and would the Pro-version solve this problem?

    Or would i face the same issue with the Pro-version?

    Cheers, Ed’

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    No, the Pro version won’t solve this problem because it uses the same algos. However, CyberSEO Pro allows you to write your own custom parsers for any feed. So if you know PHP, you can write a parser for this particular feed. Alternatively you can order it from me or from any other PHP coder. I charge $10-$15 for a custom parser made according to your specification.

    To sum it, up. CyberSEO Pro will not help you to solve the mentioned problem out of the box. But you may order a custom parser for CyberSEO Pro which will do anything you want (include that bold bold introtext etc or/and anything else), but it will be cost you $10-$15 depending on complicity of your specifications.

    The CyberSEO Pro plugin has a special field in the feed settings, which allows you to put any PHP code there, so it gives you absolutely unlimited control over the syndicated content even if you know only basics of PHP programming.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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