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  • hi bluecorn

    have you ever grown blue corn.
    it’s fun to see. it’s called “ornamental corn”: most of the kernals are golden yellow, dark red and the occasional bluish kernal.

    re: feeddigest
    i have placed the php code in my sidebar and it works beautifully.
    but i do not want it in the sidebar.
    i want it in my posts.
    so i put the php code in the posts and it does not work.
    and i put the javascript in the posts and it does not work.

    i would be happy with any code i can get to work in the posts.

    you mentioned in you post that js works for you.
    “js works, but I’m not a co”

    can you tell me how to get it to work?

    i am using wordpress 2.0.2
    with jakarta 5.1 template

    my code is below
    any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    this is my js code

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””><noscript>Click for "Alto". By Feed Digest</noscript></script>

    this is my php code

    include (“”);

    this is my character encoding

    <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />

    hi bluecorn
    i posted a second time yet it has not shown up.
    this is a third post.

    i can get the js to work in POSTS
    on my other wordpress – it is a wordpress 1.5 jakarta

    i still cannot get the php to work in POST
    on wordpress 1.5 with either jakarta or default or classic.

    i will keep trying different things.
    how did you go with your wordpress.

    did you get the php code to work in your POSTS?
    what wordpress version are you using?
    and theme?
    is the theme the original code or have you changed it?

    have just found this.
    have not had a chance to read it.
    might be relevant.

    and there is a forum as well.
    have not looked at it yet.


    thought it was too good to be true.

    the feeds have disappeared off my

    wordpress 5.1

    without trace.


    i did post before but it has not shown up.
    the feeds have reappeared on my WP 1.5

    THIS IS AN EXCERPT OF EMAIL with Peter Cooper of FeedDigest.
    thankyou peter
    good luck with feeddigest and all

    i will go to wordpress forum
    and add to the thread

    i have begun wordpress 2.0.2. a test site to trial feeddigest.


    Quoting Peter Cooper <>:

    > >
    > > * PHP CODE placed in sidebar.php
    > > wordpress 2.0.2 feed NOT showing
    > > wordpress 1.5 feed YES showing – stays solid, no flicking on and off, PHP CODE showing as you intended it to. yet there is not much point in putting it in the sidebar for several reasons, one being the sidebar would be choked.
    > >
    > > * PHP CODE placed in new post
    > > wordpress 2.0.2 feed NOT showing
    > > wordpress 1.5 feed NOT showing
    > > when i paste the PHP code in a “write new post”, nothing shows up in the new post.
    > > right place?, do i have to type something else in post for the feed to show up?
    > > am i placing the PHP code in the wrong place?
    > > if so where do i paste it?
    > Unfortunately this is how WordPress is meant to work. It trims ‘bad’ stuff from posts, and this would include PHP. I’m not sure you can pull this off at all, but you might want to go through the WordPress assistance online to find out if it can be done. There may be a plugin.
    > > * JAVASCRIPT CODE in new post
    > > wordpress 2.0.2 feed NOT showing
    > > wordpress 1.5 feed YES showing – yesterday the feeds
    > appeared straightaway and disappeared several times. have not disappeared today 6.24am 25th may 2006
    > This may be the same problem as above, since WordPress 2 has a number of security improvements.
    > My personal advice would be to embed the PHP code in a different area of your page, rather than the sidebar. Perhaps in a header or footer, or in index.php, etc..?
    > Best Regards,
    > Peter Cooper

    Calling for FeedDigest testers for this wordpress 2.0.2.test site

    username: admin
    password: admin

    i will post a few bits of FeedDigest php code and javascript code in various places and see what happens.

    can you do the same and between us might work out where the code can go so that it works.



    i have worked out where to put the FeedDigest php code.

    in the index.php

    right up the top between the second and third line of code.
    see for yourself.
    go to the test site

    and log in as
    username admin
    password alto

    i have placed the FeedDigest php code
    between the 2nd and 3rd line of the index.php

    voila! it works!
    now i want the feed to update automatically as it is designed to do. so i will find a feed that is always has new posts in it.

    bluecorn, i tried looking for your email to let you know, but i cannot find an email for you.


    email correspondence excerpt
    Quoting Peter Cooper <>:
    > I’m setting up a WordPress blog with FeedDigest myself shortly so if I come across any ideas from doing it then I will let you know!
    > Best Regards,
    > Peter Cooper

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    If you want to put PHP code into actual posts, you need the Exec-PHP Plugin. See here:

    i made a mistake in the earlier posts.
    the test site,
    if you want to get in and use as ADMIN

    username admin
    password admin (not alto as i said earlier)


    thankyou i will download exec-PHP 2.0 and use it with my WP 2.0

    you have 4 versions mentioned in

    Which exec-PHP Version do you recommend i use
    in WP


    Version 1.0: Plugin
    Feature: Allows <?php ?> tags inside your posts and pages to execute the code inside of it

    Version 1.1: Plugin
    Bugfix: Escaped string delimiters in PHP strings are now parsed correctly

    Version 1.2: Plugin
    Bugfix: Reparing issue with reopening PHP tags (Test #16)

    Version 2.0: Plugin
    Feature: For WP 2.0 execution of PHP is now restricted to Administrators or Editors
    Supporting alternative PHP tags [?php ?]

    latest email from peter cooper

    Yeah, I’ve been playing with my new blog ( http:// ) and the integration went okay. I think maybe
    there are certain places you simply cannot put it. One problem I
    experienced, however, is that I couldn’t put two digests after each
    other using the PHP.. so I just used a JavaScript one and a PHP one
    next to each other, which was okay.. Very odd though!

    Best Regards,
    Peter Cooper


    > hi peter
    > do you mean that you put the scripts in the new post?
    > or did you put them in the sidebar.php?

    I put them into sidebar.php, but my sidebar.php is heavily changed
    because I have redesigned my site.

    > go to
    > otto has said WP plugin is needed.

    That’s for if you want to embed PHP code into your posts (rather than
    the layout). If you want to do this, then it’s a good solution to use
    the plugin. Thanks for letting me know!

    Best Regards,
    Peter Cooper

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