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    Okay…I’m stumped here. My first three episodes updated with no issue. I’d “post” them on my site, under the category Podcast. Feedburner has been fairly good for me, but with the last three episodes, I can’t seem to ping it and the only way to get Feedburner to acknowledge the new episodes’ existence is to do the “nuke” option and resync.

    Whenever I do THAT, I have to delete my podcast from iTunes (because it gets all screwy) and redownload all my episodes. And that’s not really a process I want to put my subscribers through.

    So, my questions are…

    1) What the hell is the URL for my RSS feed? I thought I knew what it was, as I entered it into Feedburner in the first place…

    2) Is there a better way to ensure that Feedburner pulls my updates?


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    2. I can’t see any reason why Feedburner wouldn’t get your updates. Have you asked about this on the Feedburner forums?

    I have, but the Feedburner forums seem to be a blackhole of communication. Posts go in….
    I’m not the only one with a problem like this, and all the posts I’ve found that are related have no responses, or are really out of date.

    I’ll keep investigating…thanks!

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