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  • As I understand Feedburner, it takes the WP feed and burns it so that it has enhanced features. So now you have two feeds for your WP blog, one made by the program itself and one that is modified by Feedburner.

    I would like to be able to have WP send the ping for my Feedburner feed instead of the WP blog feed each time I make a new post. I have it set up to ping Pingomatic and some other blog directories on each new post now, but as I understand it, the only feed being updated is the WP feed and not the Feedburner feed.

    If I can’t get WordPress to send a ping on the Feedburner feed, does that mean that I have to make my posts in WP and then manually ping the Feedburner URLs at Pingomatic to get the Feedburner feed to be updated?

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  • Moderator James Huff


    Sorry, but I don’t see the answer in that post to my question. Can you be more specific?

    Moderator James Huff


    Feedburner is always watching your feed. Therefore, once your blog’s feed is updated, your feedburner feed is updated within 5 minutes. What I provided above is a link to Feedburner’s method of redirecting your blog’s feed URL to your feedburner feed URL. Thus, anyone visiting your site, or anyone reading your blog’s feed, will automatically be redirected to and/or receive your feedburner feed.

    Is there no way within WP to have it automatically ping for the Feedburner feed instead of it’s own feed?

    I am not comfortable with messing around with htaccess files.

    It seems like such a simple thing to do.

    Moderator James Huff


    It doesn’t have to. Feedburner crawls your feed, always. Your feedburner feed will always be updated within 5 minutes. There is no way to redirect (or to without messing with the .htaccess file. You could, however, just manually link to and inform everyone of the feed being available at its feedburner URL.

    OK, so each time I make a new post, I have to manually go to Pingomatic and enter my Feedburner URL for it to ping that feed then right? Otherwise none of the blog directories will even know about my Feedburner feed.

    That is, if I don’t want to do the htaccess redirect.

    Moderator James Huff


    No. Your blog is what’s pinging the ping sites, not your feed. If you sign up with feed burner, your blog will continue to ping as normal. It’s entirely separate. It’s un-affected. Just try feedburner for a few days. What I’m saying will make sense.

    I already have a Feedburner account. I have had one for one of my blogs for a few weeks now and it shows absolutely no activity or traffic although my blog gets hit all the time. The only reason for this is that the Feedburner feed is not being accessed by the blog directories. They are only aware of the blog feed from WP? Correct/

    Moderator James Huff


    Yes, they are. Ok, let’s do this step by step.

    Your blog’s feed is at (or

    Your feedburner feed is at

    Since your blog links to the feed at (or, your readers are reading the feed at (or

    At this time, (or does not go to It goes to (or

    In order to make (or go to, you must modify your .htaccess file by following the instructions here:

    If you do not wish to do that, you can notify your readers that your feed is also available at Then, you must trust that your readers will all manually adjust their links and feed readers. More than likely, they won’t, as (or will continue to function normally.

    The best method is to modify your .htaccess file by following the instructions here: as your readers do not have to do anything.

    It really is all explained in the first post here:

    I’ll quote it for you:
    “If you’ve had a feed for any length of time, your readers are using your current feed’s URL in their news aggregators How can you painlessly migrate their requests from your old server/feed to your newly burned FeedBurner feed, so all of your syndication traffic takes advantage of our services?”

    Moderator James Huff


    If this still is not making any sense, please ask over at the Feedburner forums as they can better explain how this all works. You question is a Feedburner question, not a WordPress question.

    This is a really interesting thread.
    I’ve got feedburner and I made the redirect in my htaccess to replace the feeds of my readership.
    The XMl is alright, but for some reason feedburner is not being updated, so my readers are not getting the rss updated when I post. Bad thing.
    I have no idea of why this is happening, only I read there was an issue with the previous version of wp dealt with in wp 1.2.2: Last-modified header bug.
    I had updated to 1.2.2 when it was realeased, so that couldn’t be the issue.
    I checked my feed with feedvalidator and it shows that I have a problem with the document encoding.
    I still have to look into this to see if this is the problem, but how could I fix this? I guess English users wouldn’t have a problem, so there won’t be many if that is the case. I use Western Latin character enconding. 🙁
    also wrote about this issue here
    Would like to hear what developers have to say…

    Your feedburner feed is valid, so this shouldn’t be the problem.

    As for your w-rss2.php file, check if it says header('Content-type: application/rss+xml', true); — if it does not, then make sure it does. But why bother, when feedburner does it right for you anyways, and that’s what you have linked to from your site?

    Have you tried soliciting help from feedburner about this problem?

    I have noticed that the server’s default charset also messes with your pages and the way they are delivered, so you could talk to your host, if none of these help.

    Quick question.

    Is it necessary to set up a .htacess file for my FeedBurner feeds?

    I have not used the WordPress feeds []
    at all just FeedBurners redirect service for my readers.

    Thanks in advance

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