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  • I have followed the directions to install a Feedburner subscriber widget in my blog — including going to Feedburner and checking the appropriate boxes on the “Publicize” tab and activating it at the bottom of that tab — and yet, whenever I try out the subscriber box on my blog, I receive the following message: “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled.”

    I have also read the past posts and answers relating to this question, revisited the Feedburner site to ensure I am doing everything right, yet I get the same result.

    Here is my blog site:

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks very much.

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  • In case anyone is wondering, I found the solution to the above problem. When you list your website in your Feed Burner widget, make sure that you write it exactly as Feed Burner assigned it. You can find this on your Feed Burner site registration page.

    More specifically, make sure you include the full URL, which has FeedBurner info at the front. Beyond that, note that FeedBurner does not place a period before “com” at the end of the URL. So, for instance, for my blog,, FeedBurner has it listed (after the FeedBurner part of the URL) as Charlottewestbrookcom.

    Is FeedBurner case sensitive? I don’t know, but I suggest you play it safe and use upper and lower case exactly as written on your FeedBurner blog registration page.

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