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    I’ve got a strange issue that seems to manifest from this unique configuration: WordPress 2.7.1 + Blubrry Powerpress (for podcasting) + FeedBurner = iTunes and FeedBurner emails

    Settings (reading): Syndication feeds show the “x” most recent posts (this affects the number of podcasts that show-up in iTunes)

    A general feed through Feedburner and a podcast-only version (Powerpress) through Feedburner. We use the automtic email function on the general feed in FeedBurner.

    When we create a new post, Feedburner has been randomly “spamming” our list – particularly after a re-synch – skipping-over the podcast content posts and emailing the last non-podcast post (according to the settings (reading) above.

    How do we stop this? I can change the settings/reading every time for iTunes – but that’s only good if we keep publishing podcasts. Once we publish an article, it’s subject to being spammed (emailed-out) randomly.

    I know this is confusing – I apologize. But it’s a serious bug that may prevent us from using FeedBurner for automatic emails… maybe a FeedBlitz migration….



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  • The problem you are having is with FeedBurner, PowerPress doesn’t interact with FeedBurner or tell FeedBurner to send Email for that matter. FeedBurner pulls feeds from your blog to recreate the feed at and do other things with the data such as your mailing list.

    I’m not familiar with the settings for the Mailing list feature at FeedBurner, but I do know as a subscriber to a handful of FeedBurner feeds via email that the spamming behavior is correct. Every time you create a blog post/episode all of the users in that FeedBurner mailing list will receive an email about that post/episode. If you want a different behavior or to be selective on which posts email your subscribers, you may want to look at a WP plugin so you can manage your mailing list on a per-post basis.

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