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  1. kat180
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi - I just moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org.

    I've pointed my domain that I bought last year at .com to my new site but still kept it as the primary domain for my .com blog as well at the suggestion of wordpress staff - so readers don't get confused.

    I've 'burnt' my feed through google feedburner and got a new URL and I downloaded the plugin FD Feedburner and typed it in there so it should be re-rooting all my rss subscribers from before through to feedburner, is that correct?

    The trouble is my google feedburner site says I have no subscribers - have I lost the old ones or done something wrong?

    Also I have installed a theme from Elegant Themes 'Modest' - they have the little RSS follow button as a part of the theme design and in the epanel a place where I have to put in my blogs URL feed. Do I put in the original and that will automatically get re-directed by the plugin or do I put in the new feedburner URL?

    Sorry this is long - I have a bit confused and not getting much help over on the Elegant Theme forum :)


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