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  • Ummm, you don’t NEED feedburner if you’re going to be serving up the feed yourself.

    You also don’t need the plugin if you don’t want to always redirect to feedburner.

    I don’t know the internals of the plugin, but I’d think you can just turn it off. Feedburner can be set to pull from your normal RSS2 feed for its own updates. You didn’t need the plugin really. 😉


    You are absolute right and that was the next thing I should do.

    Further, I deactivated the feedburner plugin and now the regular WP feeds gives me a hard time.

    blog/wp-rss2.php – only displays header and channel info
    blog/?feed=rss2 – blank page
    blog/rss2/ – blank page

    Using permalinks and they worked before,

    However, when I add the Category tag to the feed;
    blog/?feed=rss2&cat=1 the xml works.

    /wp-rss2.php file doesnt work with with the Cat ID tag oddly enough. Im confused. Anyone want to take a crack at this?

    Oh well, after some looking around I found out why my rss feeds didnt display.

    In a couple of posts I had placed tags that shouldnt be there. A lot of trouble just to find that a couple of “” was about to convince me for a reinstall.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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