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  • I used to have my blog set up through Feedburner when I hosted it at Typepad. How do I get it to see my site now since I have it self-hosted with WP.

    The domain is the same for both and the Typebad blog transferred over to WP quite well. I have almost 20 subscribers (yes that is small but they are subscribers!) so I would like to make it so Feedburner sees my blog.

    The problem seems to be on the Feedburner side but I submitted a question on that forum to no avail – no responses in almost 24 hours. So I am hoping someone here can help.

    The WP side is working in that if I click on the “Posts via RSS” it takes me to Feedburner BUT it is not showing any of the new posts from the WP site. The one it shows is there from back when it was on Typepad. (I have the FD Feedburner plugin installed on WP.)

    On the Feedburner site, Feedburner will ping fine if I put in but then if I enter just the domain which is the next step I get the following error: our Ping resulted in an Error “We were unable to process your ping. You must ping with a URL that exactly matches the channel link (RSS) or alternate link (Atom) in your top level feed element pointing back to your website (e.g, or use your feed URL (e.g.”

    When I try to edit the feed details if I leave it the way I had it for Typepad I get the error Received HTTP error: “Not Found” while fetching source feed.” For typepad the original feed was

    And Then if I do change it so the feed is I get the error message The URL does not appear to reference a valid XML file.

    Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? And know what I should do about it? I barely understand feeds – I mean how they work and their innards.

    Now, separate and related, can someone help this neophyte understand the different ways to set up the subscription opportunities for readers and what the pros and cons are?

    Is Feedburner the go to place to have google analytics track the blog stats or am I mixing up apples and oranges? If I have WP Jetpack on my blog is that duplicating Feedburner because doesn’t that track stats via Sorry for being so confused!!


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