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  • Last week, my WordPress feed ( stopped linking with my Feedburner feed ( This means that my podcast episodes are not being updated in the iTunes library and I need help!!

    I haven’t done anything differently as far as posting in WP. The only thing I can come up with is that I downloaded a plugin called Blubrry Powerpress around the time this started happening. I installed it, but never configured it.

    When I realized my feed wasn’t updating, I deleted the plugin and tried to post something, but without any luck.

    Any help you can give to resolve this issue ASAP is much appreciated!

    Thanks so much in advance,

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  • Update:

    I think I figured out the problem that the feed file size was over 576k. I decreased the size and it started working again. Yay!!

    Now I’ve decided to just pull in my podcast feed into Feedburner with the URL When I change my feed on Feedburner and try to update it, it says “Trouble at the mill!”

    Has anyone run into this problem? Does Feedburner go down often? Or is the problem on my end?

    Thank you!!

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