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  • I’m having a lot of trouble getting my blog’s feed to look right in email subscriptions. I just switched from a Blogger url (, now redirected via 301 redirect) to my new WordPress website: . I had had a Feedburner feed prior to the switch, so I made the change on Feedburner, and it seems to have worked: new blog posts are going out to my subscribers.

    The only problem is that now, my blog posts look much worse than they did with the old, Blogger feed: there are no spaces between the paragraphs and the pictures aren’t aligned correctly.

    I’ve looked around on different forums and haven’t found anything that’s been resolved on a WordPress forum with this topic. I did find a suggestion to see whether the posts look good in Google Reader, so I checked and they do look fine there…though Google seems to be behind the times and may be still subscribing to my old, Blogger feed (which apparently it will update within a few days), so I can’t be sure.

    Can someone please give me advice/things to try? Keep in mind that I’m still a beginner at html, css, and all the rest. Thanks very much.

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  • Hey- I am having the same issue with no spaces between paragraphs in my feedburner email notification but its only happening with yahoo mail. If the email is sent to a google account then everything looks fine. I haven’t checked hotmail yet but yahoo looks terrible. if you find out anything, keep me posted here. I will do the same.

    OK j.brown, I’ll definitely let you know if I learn anything. I’m glad that it doesn’t happen in gmail, but still haven’t figured it out in yahoo. Good luck! 🙂

    Same problem here.

    The issue is that yahoo mail does not read <p> like other email services. The email has to use

    instead in order for it to render properly in yahoo. Feedburner does not allow a way to change this. My solution was to switch to Mailchimp rss-email. It provides the same service as Feedburner for free but you can also have complete control over the design of the email (including having
    instead of <p>) The switch seems a little daunting at first but I highly recommend it. Once you get the campaign setup and tested at Mailchimp, its easy to transfer over your list of subscribers from feedmail. The customer service at Mailchimp is excellent. They will help you all the way through (unlike feedburner.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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