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  • I have run into problems with a couple of themes, either an invalid feed, or the file is too large. Do you know of any good, well written, FeedBurner compatible three column themes?

    Brian Gardner? ThemeLabs? I’m talking about one of your themes. WhiteSpace and Choice 1.0 respectively. W3C has validators you can use to validate the the files and the pages your files produce.

    Grammar matters.

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  • I doubt this is a theme issue. Where are you hosting? What is your permalink structure? How many links are you trying to include?

    When in doubt setup feedburner using the links from the default theme as a systems check.

    I don’t know what is wrong, or if it is a plug in or something that I did. My feedburner feed says that it is too large, please check my site for me and let me know what to do.


    Thank you


    Well, okay, if FeedBurner says it’s too large, then maybe it’s because your source feed is actually too large. Seems a bit obvious, in retrospect, eh? FeedBurner has a limit of 512k on a feed size. Yours is bigger than that. QED.

    When I loaded your feed into the feed validator, it told me that you have 60 posts in the feed. Each of which is fairly huge, from what I can see.

    Set the number of posts in the feed to be smaller on the WP Settings pages. Generally speaking, most feeds limit it to 10 or less.

    Thank you, it may obvious if you understand any of it, but I am sorry that I don’t, so thank you.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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