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  • get rid of the background

    (You could use some work on your forum retorics.)

    Nope, keeping the background for now. Like the mismatched look it gives. :p

    i cant read it and it kind of looks fruity no offense

    What is it you’re having problem reading?

    And fruity…haha..well, I suppose that’s a compliment since it’s supposed to be a kind of “cute” or “sweet” look… lol

    i cant read it.

    I like it, the background works well, niceley designed. I particularly like the RSS and Email link. The only problem with it is that its a little slow to load at first so you dont see the white behind the writing, hence why people are saying they cant read it. Your background files need compressing to reduca the file size and it will be a lot better, do you have photoshop? Other than the slow start-up I think it looks great.

    Ah! Now I understand, thanks for the clarification… =)

    Being swedish I’m spoiled rotten with broadband-connection and sometimes forget about loading times… I’ll get right on optimizing that. Again, thanks for the heads up carlowens.

    And thank you for the compliments… 😉

    No problem, you just have to remember that people on the net have no patience when it comes to pages downloading.

    Yeah, it’s good to be reminded of that sometimes so that the graphics and creativity don’t get in the way of the usability.


    Made some changes now, hopefully the page won’t be as slow to load now?

    The proper URL is in use now, (snazzy, isn’t it? lol)

    Much faster. Is it me or does the background seem a little more faded than last time I looked?

    It probably seem that way because I’ve made some changes to the highlight-colors in the content. F.e. “vintage maniac” is bright pink instead of yellow/orange and also I heightened the contrasts on the content backgrounds in Photoshop, to make the colors less dull.

    I’ll give the main background the same treatment.. 😉

    I’m sorry but the Graphics and colors Seem terrible to me. Almost unbearable.

    I think you need to come up with a new, unique concept, and then design around that. Vintage can be done so much better. Maybe Browse some css galleries, find some inspiration, and then think up a unique Interface.

    I like your sans-serif headers, but you need to focus more on spacing and whitespace.

    You only have a few graphics made up, so personally, I think you should really look at the re-design before you invest too much time into this theme. The niche is hit or miss, and sorry, but this just misses completely for me. I would not spend much time on this site, had I landed here.

    Just trying to be honest. Please don’t take my criticism the wrong way. Of course, in the end it is your site (personal blog I assume), so do what makes you happy.

    I can not read it normaly

    The colors kind of run together making it look very flat. I like the email and RSS buttons on the side though.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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