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  • At this location I have been working on a WordPress theme based on WordPress’s default theme. It is coming along quite well, but somehow it is still too plain and misses something to make it stand out more. Please tell me what you think/ give me some tips…. I am more a developer and could use some feedback

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  • Okay, whoa, dude! Not all of us have wide monitors! I could only see about 80% of the site.

    And I guarantee, if you post pictures upload tool (the “media” icon above the post toolbar), they will automatically become thumbnails on the front page, and will draw the eye down, encouraging scroll.

    My .02.

    I have changed the width of all elements. It’s all in percentages now. No longer in fixed pixels. The site should look fine even when viewed by smaller screens.
    So you suggest I add pictures to posts? Or do you mean do the sidebar? Plese let me know Kitfanc. Thanks for the response 😉
    I hope to get more tips on design here @ But all tips are appreciated!

    Hey Rhand;

    Checked your site. You are in luck. I happen to speak, read and understand Dutch. Suggestion: put everything in English unless you are specifically looking to target (and limit) your blog to Dutch reading folks only.

    Use a different font color for the sub-heading under “Bakfiets and Meer!”. What you got now, is difficult to read on your image background.

    Other than that, I think you’re on the right track. Images in your posts related to the lake will spruce up your site quite a bit.

    God Bless;


    @ Lodester Site will be in English only when it goes live. I will change the sub header. Thanks for that tip. I agree that when pictures and videos are added thing will be better for the Cargobike or Bakfiets website (cargobike with kid in picture). I was just wondering if I needed to maybe add some fancy headers or background…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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