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  • Hi Michael,

    Just some friendly feedback, I hope you don’t mind? I’ve used your plugin a few times in the past and it’s worked great. I just installed it again on a client site and noticed it now shares the built-in tags/categories used by posts. I guess this is new as I don’t recall it sharing these in the past.

    Anyway, I haven’t found a problem or anything, but it just struck me as strange it shares the default tags/categories, surely custom taxonomies for your custom post type would be the way to go?

    Many themes list blog/news categories in sidebars, whereas now it would also list your testimonial categories. Another use case – I’ve built many sites where the post archive page has filter buttons dynamically generated from the post category names. Again your testimonial categories would show on the news archive pages in this instance.

    It would be possible of course to exclude your testimonial categories by ID in custom code, but this wouldn’t be easy to maintain if new testimonial categories are added.

    It just seems to me that the built-in categories/tags (that are mostly used for posts for most WP sites) are sufficiently distinct enough from the testimonials to warrant custom testimonial taxonomies?

    Not a criticism, just feedback – I don’t think my coding skills are up to your standards to help you out by contributing code, but I’m happy to beta test any changes or provide feedback to help you improve it.

    Also, I’m always amazed at how much time and effort people like yourself give back to the community, so thanks for your time and efforts 🙂

    Best regards

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  • Actually, maybe I can help with a minor thing. Using this shortcode:
    [testimonialswidget_list limit=1 random=true paging=false] outputs incorrectly nested HTML – there’s an opening <p> before the quote span without a closing tag.

    In testimonials-widget.php, line 861, if you move the ‘force_balance_tags’ outside of that if() structure, the tags balance even if you haven’t set a charlimit.

    Also, if you apply the ‘open-quote’ and ‘close-quote’ classes to their respective parent <p> tags, it’d be much easier to style up. As the <p> tags are block elements, they span the full width of the blockquote, so we generally need to style these p tags by floating them or positioning them absolutely. As it stands it’s hard to target them as they don’t have a class, whereas if you moved the class from the <span> to the <p>, you could target the <p>, but you could still target the span as a descendent i.e. blockquote span {whatever}

    Hope that makes sense?


    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Thank you very much for the feedback. I deeply appreciate it as many times, I have to think on my own how to improve the software in ways that aren’t asked for, but make for a better overall experience.

    I prefer to use OTS, off the shelf, components and drive for reusability whenever possible. In this case, reusing tags and categories. While what you’ve written is true, the actual issue has only been reported to me a couple of times since last October. Because of that, I’ve not worried so much about it since the fixes in those cases as you mentioned was usually custom code in a theme’s functions.php file.

    Since my TODO for the plugin is pretty empty though, I’ve added “Allow for custom post type categories and tags” to it. I figure, if folks want then, they can use default or custom via a setting option. These days, it’d be easy to do since many things have been abstracted out for making changes easy.

    I’ve tried to replicate the HTML issue you mention, but I”m not able to. A small sampling of my results are at I did these with and without Testimonials Widget Premium activated.

    Further, I check into the code. The only reason force_balance_tags needs to be called is when content is truncated and closing html tags may have been chopped off. Otherwise, the content is fine.

    On applying the quote markers to the p tags would be helpful in most cases. However, some folks start or finish content with header or other block level tags. In these cases, our fix would break their presentation in a hard to diagnose manner unless you looked at several testimonials at the same time to see consistencies or not.

    The span tags being inline by default can be moved around via CSS. Further, you can disable them and apply quotes or whatnot via blockquote or q tags depending upon your settings.

    Please keep the ideas coming. Contact via to become a beta tester. I sure could use the help. Despite all the tests I run, there’s things that don’t get caught and make for headaches to many people.

    Hi Michael,thanks for the reply.

    Custom Taxonomies – just to clarify, I wasn’t referring to any custom post types I’d set up, I just mean that using the in-built taxonomies for your testimonials post type could cause issues where the in-built taxonomies are used elsewhere. If we’re on the same wave-length here, great!

    Open/Close Quote mark-up – I think we’re in agreement here too – I like the in-line quotes, and can position them independently with CSS, but their parent <p> tags mean they start off on their own lines, and these <p> tags can’t really be targeted easily to set the height to 0 for instance.

    Here’s what I’m getting:

    <div class="testimonials-widget-testimonials listing">
    	<div class="post-190 testimonials-widget type-testimonials-widget status-publish hentry testimonials-widget-testimonial list">
    			<p><span class="open-quote"></span>
    			<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque ut metus mi, vitae porttitor nunc.</p>
    			<p><span class="close-quote"></span></p>
    		<div class="credit">
    			<span class="author">Joe Bloggs 2</span>

    You can see that the <p> tags wrapping around the open/close spans would create their own new line when rendered, and it’s difficult to target these <p> tags to float them or whetever.

    Incorrect nesting – as you’ll see above, there opening quote span has an opening <p> tag but no closing tag.

    I looked at your gist and can see yours is fine. I’m working locally at the minute so can’t send you a link, but my theme is written from the ground up, there’s nothing special about it though, there should be nothing interfering with your plugin. My testimonials just have author (as the post name) and the quote itself (nothing has been added in the testimonial data meta box). All of the plugin settings were default, nothing is hidden via the settings.

    I hope that helps to pin down the issue. If I get chance I’ll set up a demo link.

    Thanks 🙂

    …I forgot to mention, I’m using do_shortcode() in a template to call the shortcode, rather than using it in a page

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    On custom taxonomies, the next release has them as an option. It’s been fun to do and test. I also think it’ll be one of my last set of major changes as I need to get onto other projects.

    Try it out. Thank you for the inspiration.

    On incorrect html, I’m still not having the problem in my tests. It’d be interesting to see your test site and what the testimonials themselves contain.

    Hi Michael, that was quick! Leave it with me, I’ll try it out on a fresh install to see if I can recreate the HTML issue I was having too and send you a link.


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