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  • Hi all, I just left feedback for the 10 or so most recent posts here, and I would appreciate the same for my semi-new blog, Due By Friday.
    The blog is a choose-your-own adventure kinda style with increasingly difficult activities to motivate readers to live life to the fullest and reach goals.

    I’m requesting feedback because, though I initially liked the WordPress theme and layout, I’m not too thrilled with it anymore. If anyone has suggestions for a similar theme, or feedback on this one, I would greatly appreciate it.
    And for bonus points, let me know what you think of the posts, or “Assignments” on the blog.

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  • I don’t mind the theme. The sidebar looks empty, though.

    Site navigation seemed odd. The Start Here page tells you a lot of stuff but you can’t actually start there. You have to go back to the Home page to start.

    The ability to choose assignments from the slider on the Home page, or a random assignment, contradicts the “increasingly difficult activities” claim.

    I didn’t think the assignments link up in anything like a “choose-your-own adventure kinda style”.

    Thanks for the feedback Rod, I’ll be working on some minor changes this week based on your advice. It’s difficult for me to adapt my idea to a wordpress site, but its a format I am familiar with and enjoy working on.
    I think many readers might com in later in the development and I hope they might be interested in backtracking in my posts. The Random button and slider there for other newcomers, who might just be a one-time visit.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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