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    Please may I have some feedback on this new theme? There is a theme changer where you can compare this one to the one before called ATempleoFire.

    This one is a light theme and designed to be more professional looking.

    I need to know if the fonts are TOO LARGE??

    thank you!


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  • oh I could not find this message! I think I posted it twice because I did not think it went through the first time.
    sorry bout that.

    I think it’s too many colors on the page, i got a bit confused, it was a bit hard to find things.

    thanks for the feedback. I tried to keep the extra colors to a minimum. so, which ones caused you the confusion? I tried to keep it to white, grey with black thin lines. but there is a little blue, and then I got carried away and added pink and gold!


    anyone else check it out?

    It’s very busy. All the elements seem to have the same weight so there’s no where to draw the eye. I suggest starting by making your post titles bold to help them contrast and a few pixels larger. This will help site visitors know where to look for the beginning of a post.

    thank you rosemckay!


    I think the main offender is the purple, honestly.

    Change the purple for a base color, something like a soft gray or a soft blue to match the dark blue on the page.

    And I think you need to restructure the “categories” display so that it is not so prominant. It makes me think that the title of the post is Categories.

    PS: I don’t think you need to worry about the fonts being too big. In fact, I’d say most of your fonts are too small.


    As the above people say, ir’s just too busy. The loading lags a bit too.

    thank you mellojoe and everyone,
    I see what you mean about the categories, it was h2 and thats not necessary and its bar was too wide, since it never changes.
    I will work on it.

    I like the purple! hehehe

    yes the widgets lag the loading a bit.

    thanks everyone!


    Friend, don’t take this personally but since you asked … That is one of the worst looking themes I’ve seen in a long time. The rubbish that’s on Myspace, excluded, of course. Have you given any thought to the concept of “subtle” design? You know, get rid of that crappy background, decrease the contrast, focus on just 3 colours at most, black text on white background, etc. Have a look around at what some others are doing these days.

    I thank you for your honest opinion.

    I have another more plain theme, the white one which my visitors can pick on the theme picker.

    I like this flashy one. and it really is not unusual, there are many themes that use the same concept only they use the blue all the time.. blue black and white


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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