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  • A bit weird and a tad perverted, I like that. Some question sprung to mind:

    Why only a Misc category for the Posts? What is the different between Dailys (a list of blogrolls?) and Peeps? The login at the very bottom seems an odd and not so useful place to put it if it is for Members.

    Good luck.

    Thx for the reply asparagus.. weird and perverted heh — is that referring to the logo I made? 🙂

    Haven’t made any real posts, thus only the misc category. As I start putting some up, they will be expanded.

    The Dailys are sites I read regularly and the peeps are my two buddies who have sites. Since the peeps section will most likely never exceed 2 — I’ve decided to combine them into the regular Links section..

    The login is just for me.

    anyone else? 🙂

    That makes sense. Weird and perverted was about both the logo and your daily reading material and definitely not meant to be derogatory.

    I’m stupid, I posted the following in the wrong topic….

    Sorry for the delay! I reviewed your site and it is indeed very nice (and yes you seem just as anal as me). I really like the “footer” on each of your entries, e.g. the category, mail post, comments, etc. So much so it inspired me to finally do something about mine because I was putting it off for so long.

    One thing I noticed is you don’t have your feeds set off. Perhaps a seperate heading in your sidebar would let people know the various feeds you offer. Perhaps a button?

    Now this is being really anal, but perhaps you could change the hover style of your post titles so they don’t underline when the cursor is over them, you really don’t need that.

    How about a friendlier 404 page? See mine:

    No navigation bar?

    And I’m sure this is something you plan on doing but promote promote promote.

    Nice job!

    asp – none taken 🙂

    mayur – that’s a good idea about not underlining the title link.. How would I do that (and still keep the underlines on the rest of the links)?

    something like

    .h1 a:hover {text-decoration:none;}

    would that work?

    Nav bar will come as I need it.. Dont really need it yet I dont think.. I dunno tho. Was also playing around with a 3 column thing last nite (another sidebar on left) and targeting it more toward 1024*768.

    Yeah, my 404 page could stand to get some more info 🙂

    Thanks a lot both of yas..


    As far as the hover text-decoration, and assuming you actually do use the h1 class, my css is as follows:

    h1.entrytitle {
    [place whatever styles you want here, i.e. color]

    Then, look through the templates where the post title is being called and change it to something like:

    <h1 class=”entrytitle” … </h1>

    As far as resolution, I’d stick with a max of 800×600 unless you know for a fact you’d be dealing with the more sophisticated visitor. My stats show 40% youse 1024, 15% 800 with the remainder going higher than that. You have to do the lowest common denominator kind of thing.

    Good luck.

    Yeah, I think you’re right about the size — for now….. Will see what my visitors typically use, if I need more space I can move some of that stuff into individual pages via button bar up top.

    Will play around with the css.. thx


    I’m the number 3 result on Google UK for “fergie pees her shorts” !!!!!!! hahah

    dont show up anywhere on USA google with the same keywords tho…. weird

    Cool design. I don’t like the logo though.

    Really? I thought it came out great 🙂 What about it dont ya like?


    The lady. 😛

    heh to each his own. I like ladies 🙂


    Hey, who said I don’t. 🙂
    I just think she doesn’t look that great. JMO.


    Never said you didn’t. Let everyone infer what they want….


    Find me an image of a better techno-looking hot chick. I may need one if I make the logo wider down the line 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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