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  • Hey everyone,
    Although I have had my blog online since Nov, 2010, I have only recently started to get feedback for it, which I have found very valuable.
    If after you visit and you have any constructive advice and feedback of your own, I would certainly welcome it.
    I appreciate it in advance and much success to all!
    Dan Reed
    Visit here

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  • A few things:

    1. You have a tiny slice at the left of your header image which links back to the main page, but it doesn’t extend to the full image. Get the header image to link, and remove the piece on the left.

    2. The text beneath the header image and before the content takes up WAY too much visual space on the page.

    3. The navigation beneath the header image needs to contrast a bit more with the background, and I think it would work better as a footer based off of the content it links to.

    4. You should have a more obvious visual queue for the user to distinguish between posts. Maybe a larger break between them, or perhaps a simple line beneath each post. As is, they sort of blend into one another.

    Other than that the color scheme and layout overall seems good 🙂

    I agree with everything. Being the color scheme your strong point (you can never go wrong with black, white, red) why don’t you play with it a little more to correct some of the problems? For instance, I would do the first line from the headline in a lighhter shade of white and the second line from the headline (the quote in italics) a little smaller in size. Both of them should wrap to the end of the page though.

    Hope it helps! 😉

    Thank you austastic and Bea Cabrera for the suggestions. The tiny slice is a headache, I cannot find a way to eliminate it for some reason, may have to change background to hide it. I did change the text size. The navigation does change colors when moused over, it is a default color in my theme I have no control over. Not sure about the “obvious visual queue” between posts you refer to, the share buttons are between all posts, as well as the “Read more”, as well as title and date, Maybe I’m missing your point of reference. Thanks very much!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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