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  • As the better popularity of WP and the growth of this community, you can expect that more plugins would be developed. Therefore I think it would be great if we have some extra features for the plugins.
    Firstly, an option page for setting up config variables used in the plugins, i.e, the “xx days” option for a “close comments after xx days” plugin. To achieve this, an extra option group would be needed as well as the mechanism (APIs) for a plugin to manipulate datas in database.
    Secondly, plugins might have to store datas in the database by either using their own table or adding column to the existing one. It would also be great if some APIs are provided so that plugin developers can write some scripts to establish/delete database entries during the activation/deactivation.
    The scenario, with these two features, for using a plugin would be:
    1. put files in plugins directory,
    2. activate the plugin in the admin panel,
    3. setup/config options for the plugin in the option page,
    and you have an plugin in action. Reversely, all database entries used by a plugin would be deleted when you deactivate it.
    Ps. Some plugins might also have their own including files, I think there should be a directory for them as well.

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  • An improved API is planned for 1.3, not sure what all it will entail.
    There is quite the laundry list of feature requests already.
    BTW, plugins should manipulate their own tables. If plugins start making changes and entries into existing tables (such as wp-options), many conflicting problems could easily come about. If a plugin wants to store info in a table, it should create it’s own table.
    If plugins have their own including files, each plugin creator can decide on how to handle them. Thats really not much of an issue.
    A option pane could be very nice though.

    Unoamigo, I disagree that plugins should all have their own tables. That’s messy and won’t scale well with multi-blogs. What good is having an ultra-flexible options system if no one uses it?

    That said, I don’t think plugins should go creating optiongroups, because that could become very cluttered, very fast. The solution we’ll probably offer is allow plugins to create sub-items on the Plugins menu.

    I got your point ^_^
    glad to see that you make this into future version, too.
    You guys do think of everything, all we users need to do is wait and be pleasantly surprised for the new release coming with features that we ever dreamed of :p

    Maybe it would work well to create a separate table for plugin options?
    This would help keep some of the bloat out of the WordPress specific tables, such as wp-options.
    Then if people disable or upgrade/change the plugin they are using, then any *extra* data will just be stored in the plugins table – vs a table that is core to WordPress.
    Maybe one of my bigger concerns is just someone willy-nilly modifying a table with a Plugin. This would be worst case…
    It’s a pretty complex problem. I look forward to seeing your solution and ideas approaching one. 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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