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  • Feedback on future mandatory imposed political views

    Hi, I just want to give some neutral feedback on your cooperate decision to display the political LGTB banner over every WordPress site, and suggest some more appropriate and politically correct approaches on how to do this better in the future.

    While I acknowledge your right as a company to express your beliefs, and that banner area is not actually part of your users’ sites, it is still not ethically right to impose your own beliefs onto others, no matter what it is. I understand your intentions with this are good natured at heart, however the way you have chosen to express this causes more harm than good, since websites with this are now associated as support for this particular movement whether they like it or not. This has lead to many people experiencing a reduction in business and views since many people and people groups are quite strongly against this movement, with community and cultural rules and codes preventing their interaction and/or business with sites that go against this. It is hard enough as it is to go about the world without offending others; people who use your site don’t need you undoing all their careful work for them by being careless. Considering word press is a company associated mainly with information communication and shareing, it is quite irresponsible to openly pick sides like this. It is actually your ethical responsibility to stay neutral, no matter how strongly you feel.

    How would you feel if I felt public nudity should not be confined to designated areas, and started posting campaign banners on top your personal or professional sites at the top with pictures of nudity. How do you think that will effect YOUR business and viewers because of MY refusal to be sensitive and stay neutral? In its current form, that is how you are doing things, and I wish to suggest a better way to do this.

    I also argue that forcing a political banner on every website is not actually very effective for gathering support for an issue. Not only does the forced nature of this produce an empty ‘fake’ feel, it associates the movement with ‘pushiness’ and forced agendas, pushing people who might have shown support away, and pushing those who don’t support this further. People in general hate having views imposed upon them, whether they approve of them or not.

    In future to express your views as a company better (even though I argue it is more responsible to stay neutral in respect to the diversity of your users) I suggest you you simply include a small neutral link on your banner with an invitation to click it to see a new page expressing WordPress’s current political view in full glory. This is a win for both sides of the argument. Please consider this for next time. Please consider your impacts on all your users, including your LGTB ones.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    You’re in the wrong place. This is, we make the WordPress software.

    The banner information you’re referring to happened on, which is a service operated by a company named Automattic.

    We have no direct link between this site and the service.

    Their support forums are located at .

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