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  • Hello,

    I have just released my first custom design for wordpress, and wonder if there is anyone out there wanting to give constructive critic to the design?

    The page is at

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  • Very nice job. Really can’t offer any constructive criticism from an aesthetical perspective – at first glance I see nothing wrong with it.

    Only thing I can think off is using a meta tag plugin. All In One SEO Pack does the trick.

    Also: no sitemap, 404 page is dull.

    Other than that looks good.

    Hey, thanks for the input, true that I haven’t thought about a 404 page or sitemap and I’ll try the SEO pack, thanks again

    really nice i love it

    Really awesome! Great design! I especially love the footer at the end as well!

    One thing though – you might not want to say “Hopefully it is XHTML and CSS valid.”

    …Looks a little unprofessional. But other than that, awesome.

    Hey aimeeish and wunir, thanks so much for the encouragement…

    I took away the part you mentioned, I guess if I ever have some customers in the future, it would not be very professional as you say 🙂

    I dig the design. I would suggest making the pics on the home page clickable. The first thing I wanted to do was click on the images to go to the article. Nice job.

    Hey fanderwald…thanks so much for the input. I actually tried to make the images clickable, but I have some png overlays, and to be clickable, they would have to be included in the “loop”, which messes up the absolute positioning in different browsers, so I still have to figure out a way to do it…

    Any ideas? 🙂

    The images are visible and large enough to not be viewed as a larger image. As long as you have a link to each gallery, I think your fine.

    Hey aimeesh!

    I think he meant on the front page, that clicking on the images would direct you to the related articles. :-)I will try to get rid of the png overlays somehow so that I can achieve this.

    This is a great site. Nicely done!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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