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  • I’m probably jumping the gun a bit, since there’s quite a few things to fix with the theme, but I thought it might be constructive and useful for me to get some ideas off others on what I can do with my layout. I’m trying something rather ambitious for myself with regards to the design and I know there’s things to be done on it. The colours are only there, because the bright white started to make my eyes bleed.

    My friend is working on the graphics side of the layout, and here’s the mock up of the banner he’s done so far:

    I would welcome any feedback with regards to the layout, how it come be improved, what should be included what should be removed and so on. All constructive is more than welcome.

    Just a note or two. Bottom left hand will contain excerpts and links to the recent posts. I still have no idea what to have in the bottom left hand corner. Top left box will have an about section as the front, and of course the menu in the right hand box I have few challenges on that end too – or I may remove it complete, but then use it for what I wonder! I haven’t edited the comments or anything like that yet, just the index.php, header.php and the footer.php

    Thanks in advance

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  • Interesting layout, Jinsan. I’m inclined to think it’s overly “compressed”, but once you have actual comments, links etc. in there instead of artificial text-filler (because the negative space will be different at that point), that may not be the case. I like the graphic so far; I’d like the colors better if they were less harsh and bright, but that’s a personal thing only.

    I can see why the available crop of themes didn’t fit the bill, if this is what you’ve been after….

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