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  • Hi Prebhdev Singh !
    Your code is pretty clever, I like it ! Clean and short…

    I did develop my own plugin (forking yours) to do what yours is doing, but… I had it erased by an hard drive crash after lots of hours working on it.
    I had some nice ideas for it and would like to suggest them to you, as I would really like to see them in your plugin (since I have no more time – and motivation – now to start my own version from scratch again).

    Those were my main ideas :

    1. do not hook your function on publish_post, but rather add a checkbox on the edit screen so you still can check for remote medias when you are editing the post, even after having published it.
    2. Your plugin should download remote medias but should also check first that the media do not already exists: I suggest your plugin to save a meta data (the remote media url) for each media imported, and to compare it to the url of the remote media you try to import.
      + : check if the url of the media is not local : no need to import a media that is already on our server.
    3. load the post content as DOMDocument element should be an easier way to parse the code
    4. Check if a featured image exists before setting one here + like in 1), have it as an option on the edit screen (do not force it)
    5. When finding a remote image in the post content, check if it is inside a link tag (a href) linking to an image : that would mean the first image is a thumbnail and that we have the link to its HD version, so we should download the HD image instead. (this is what I needed when I forked your plugin, and that is where the others ideas are coming from)
    6. A metabox displaying the list of the remote medias we could import is even a better idea than the checkbox I was talking in 1) : with a list, the user could choose which medias he wants to import, and ignore the others.
    7. Eventually allow to download other medias like videos or audios if a video or audio tag is found. (and that’s why the previous point is important)
    8. add hooks & filters so we can extend your plugin

    Hope you will like the ideas ! Give me your feedback on it !

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