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  • My site is still being developed. I thought I’d have people look at it while I’m working on it so I can make changes.
    1. If you mouse over the banners in the sidebar a strange background rectangle appears – can anyone tell me how to get rid of that.
    2. The site doesn’t validate – it’s difficult finding the errors on the different pages(it gives line numbers that are not in the various separate files) Is there an easier way to identify where?what file has the specific error
    3. Is the load time appropriate

    Thanks for any help and suggestions

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  • Hey Ke, it looks like the banners in the sidebar have a hover effect (all the other links do too), which is what’s creating that black rectangle. To remove it, try adding this rule to your CSS file:

    .sidebaradbox a:hover, .email-banner a:hover, .facebook-badge a:hover {background:transparent;}

    With the errors, it looks like most of them would probably be located in header.php. Basically you just have to try and match up the snippet from the validator with the code.

    In terms of loading time, it seems pretty good to me. Most pages loaded in under 2 seconds.

    Thanks eric.
    Any feedback on the site – what works/ doesn’t work from a design perspective?

    It looks pretty good to me. I’d probably try to add more photos/colour, as it’s very dark at the moment. Also, seems to me you could make better use of the Featured Posts block in the sidebar — why not just show a list of the most recently featured posts? Perhaps if you have teaser images for each of them, you could use them in there as well, to bring in some more colour.

    No one is going to advertise until you get some serious traffic.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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