• Resolved morsk303


    • A real page footer is not shown unless you are on a mobile device and you swipe the sign-up field to the right (most likely by accident?). Might wanna consider a static footer instead.
    • All fields in the footer needs to be filled out. What if you don’t want to leave a phone number?
    • Pattern overlay on the sliders’ images can’t be disabled? Opacity doesn’t seem to work for me
    • Is there a way to diable the logo?
    • Letter animation takes a lot of time, a controller would have been good.

    You also might wanna correct the typo of “bellow”. 😉


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  • Hi,

    First of all, I’m sorry about the delay in my response, but I haven’t being able to reply any faster.

    As for the issues listed here, its valuable feedback for me and I will patch and enhance these things in the upcoming plugin updates and I will fix the “bellow” typo as well. 🙂

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