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    Thanks for this plugin, it must have become a headache supporting it in the recent frenzy of GDPR so I appreciate it being available for free!

    FEEDBACK – The formatting of the tables takes a strange approach. I don’t really think the plugin needs any formatting styles as it doesn’t really add any value. I had to fight almost everything to get it styled right. Definitely, don’t understand wrapping the table in a pre tag. The 20% tr width then has to be removed once you have fought you way through the pre.

    FEATURE – I think the cookies could do with an extra field to say what they are related to. Maybe this is in the pro version, I think I saw something about categories.

    FEATURE – When entering the cookies you give free text fields but it would be handy to be able to quickly fill them out if you could click on the examples to insert them. So if you clicked on the cookie type “persistent” it would inject that text into the cookie type field.

    FEEDBACK – Not sure what the difference between post title and cookie ID is? It’s not clear why I have to enter it twice.

    FEATURE – An export and import feature would be very handy. Just had to load in the information about the Google Analytics cookies and not looking forward to doing this for every site. It would be great if there was a feature that let you tick which cookie entries you wanted to export, encoded it into a base64 string or similar and then I could just paste it in and import these cookie descriptions into another site.

    BUG – This site I’m working on uses Bridge theme (from ThemeForest) which has an incompatibility. The class .ui-icon has text-indent: -99999px; set on it so that the settings accordion title is just empty for me. It’s probably not a common thing but I thought I would report it anyway.

    BUG – Some kind of encoding issue, could actually be a security issue. I entered a cookie with the post title of _gac_<property-id> and when I viewed it as a table via the shortcode it just showed _gac_. The <> had not been encoded so I had to go back and set the post title as _gac_<property-id>. EDIT: the forum keeps encoding this but i had to wrap it in LT; and GT;

    Thanks again, hope this information is useful for your continued development!

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 5 months ago by rtpHarry.
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  • Plugin Author markwt


    Hi @rtpharry,

    1 – The table includes CSS classes that you can override in the active theme style.css file for styling. The wrapping of the pre tag for the table is not inserted by the GDPR plugin.

    2 – The premium version of the plugin allows you to add categories to which you can add the related cookies and also gives the ability to the user to enable or disable the cookies based on the category.

    3 – We will add your suggestion to our list of feature to be implemented.

    4 – The cookie ID is the unique identifier of the cookie. The cookie title is used for the audit purposes and can have any value that you enter for user’s information.

    5 – The premium version of the plugin allows you export the cookie data into a CSV file and import the cookies using a CSV file.

    6 – The class .ui-icon in the plugin does not have any CSS styles in it. You may override the CSS in the class using your active theme child.css file.

    7 – If you need to add the angle brackets in the cookie title, you should use the &lt and &gt tags so to appear in the audit table.

    Thanks for the reply.

    1. Yes, I did realise that the pre was my fault, sorry (I had copied it from the example on the plugins shortcode page and it brought over the formatting without me realising). Tried to come back here to update it straight away but my post had gone into the moderation queue so I couldn’t get at it again.

    6. Yes I can do that but thats not normally how things work. It’s the responsibility of the plugin to display correctly and by using a common class of ui-icon you have placed the burden of defending it upon yourself. Anyway, it was just a heads up so its up to you what you do with this info 🙂

    7. This is how I solved it yes but when I looked in the code itself it had outputted the raw html. Doesn’t this make it an attack vector for XSS?

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