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    – If one does not add an image to the Event categories it will show a broken image link and the word Icon beside it.

    – It is good to see that one can enable Social icons.

    – It automatically made pages for: Add New Event, Add New Organizer, Add New Venue, Calendar Page, Categories Page, Events Page, Manage Venus, My Calendar, Registration, Search Results Page, Single Category Page, Single Organizer Page.
    Here one is overwhelmed by all the pages that are automatically added. It is important to not overwhelm. Add a tab named Pages in the Settings area. There the various pages can be listed with shortcodes beside them and a button one clicks/or text link one clicks to automatically add the page. Taking control over the backend is not a good idea. Give the option.

    – Using Add Event category archive template just shows the category image and description and does not show the events in that category below it. It would be good with the option to have a nice before content area to show category image and description and below preview events for the specific category. I might just have to create widget section to add before the events to create a good intro for the events that are seen.

    – Events backend page. Here it would also be good to click a link to view the various events as seen on the same page in different views. As there should be various way to view events. View single event or view multiple events.

    – Selecting how many events are seen on one page. As I have for a culture house created a Fall 2017 season showing the events from that time. Having a spring 2018 season showing the events for this period would be good. That means I will add a link so people can go back to Fall 2017 and see what was seen then.

    I am looking to improve the following site:

    Notice the Stabekk Filmklubb dates and the Spirituell Filmklubb dates. These are then with images and dates before the various movie events. Filmprogram Våren 2018 (Filmprogram spring 2018)
    Scroll to below the movie events and there is a Filmprogrammet vist høsten 2017. (Film program screened fall 2017).

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi Paal,

    Thank you so much for the feedback.

    We appreciate your time sending this. It will require some time for our team to have a closer look at the issue. We do not want to miss a point from it, since it’s a valuable information for us.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

    Do you have a Github repo for your plugin?

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