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    your plugin is good but it would be much better if it had the following options:

    1. For some reason, yahoo finance does not show any day change value for currencies (the last number in the stock ticker line). Try for example EURUSD=x, or USDJPY=x. So you end up having a lot of useless zeros in your website. The solution would be to either allow the developer to eliminate the change value or to have no display for the change value for currencies only.

    2. It would be very useful if the name of each security could be changed. In many cases Yahoo assigns very long or ugly names.


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  • Hi Andres,

    Try fresh version 0.1.2 where I implemented your suggestions, and also enabled caching for YF feeds.

    That’s a great response that deserves a 5 star rating!
    All good but I cannot use the advanced settings in the widget.
    Can you also implement the changes for the widget?

    Well, if you specify what you think about 🙂

    Advanced settings are global. Only what I can add to widget is option to define should be used custom or YF names. I think there has no need for cache timeout or custom message.

    Or I’m wrong? 🙂

    I use your plugin as a widget. You mean that you cannot have those options in the widget? only on global settings?
    Global settings do not effect the widget at all. How about global setings overrides widget if you do not specify any ticker in widget?

    Custom message can be good sometimes I think. Cache timeout not really necessary.

    if you had the custom names to the widget woul dbe good enough.
    I gave you 5 star as you well deserve it

    if you add the custom names to the widget would be good enough.
    I gave you 5 star as you well deserve it

    Thanks for 5*, I saw that 🙂

    Btw, custom names (legend/map) is unique for site. But, to use custom names, simply enable option on settings page. Custom names are not enabled by default.

    On settings page we have global settings (defaults). Shortcode and widget have same configurable options. If you not set colours for shortcode, defaults will be used (widget already have default colours preset).

    Every single widget will override colours, what you wish to display in ticker (symbol or company name). If you have enabled option “use custom names” on settings page, widget will use custom names instead Yahoo Finance names. No need to repeat textarea with symbol-company map to every single widget. Defined only 1st time on settings page, can be used always from widgets or shortcodes.


    I am not able to use the custom name.

    I enabled custom names in the plugin global settings.
    CASE 1:
    I have a number of symbols in the Stock Symbols (in the global settings) and nothing in the widget: i get nothing at all.

    CASE 2:
    If I put the symbols in the widget, I do get the yahoo default symbols. However, it ignores the fact that I specified a custom name in the global settings

    What am I missing?


    forget it… it s working now! 🙂

    other feedback I can give you: change the up, down, unchanged symbols to small arrow up, small arrow down, and nothing for unchanged (or a dash middle centered if you have to)

    So, you did not enabled checkbox “Use Custom Names”, right? 🙂

    Regarding arrows, I’ll include that replacement in next release. But until I get more requests for some functionality, I’ll not release minor update.

    You can do it yourself by adding something like this to your theme style.css:

    .stock_ticker li>a:before {
    	content: "";
    ul.stock_ticker .plus>a:before {
    	content: url(path_to/up_g.gif)!important;
    	margin-right: 2px;
    ul.stock_ticker .minus>a:before {
    	content: url(path_to/down_r.gif)!important;
    	margin-right: 2px;


    Great thanks.
    Please note that for currencies the custom names function does not work.
    Try with EURUSD=x for example

    Sorry, Symbol in custom names map must be uppercase, so EURUSD=X instead EURUSD=x (for now, but added to TODO)

    hi please note that the plugin is not reading the error message from settings.
    Regardless of what’s in there it gives the following error message which contains a grammar mistake: “Unfortunately, we could not to get stock quotes this time.” (…we could not get…)

    your best feedback provider…

    Thank you for debug! 🙂

    It’s fixed now in 0.1.3, including change indicators, etc

    Change Log


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