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  • Ok, first of all, thx for this wonderful engine, I like it a lot, but ATOM and RSS 1.0 feeds drive me crazy with warnings.
    My site is Valid XHTML 1.0 | Valid CSS | Valid RSS 2.0 no problems whatsoever, BUT while trying to validate the atom feed with freevalidator it says

    1 – “summary should not contain HTML unless declared in the type attribute”
    basically it points to my VALID (and I mean it) HTML tags within <summary> , stating it should be not <summary type=”text/plain”… but rather <summary type=”text/html”. So im wondering should I change it in the hardcode of wp-atop.php ?

    2 – The validators says: “Non-Atom 1.0 feeds should not be served with the “application/atom+xml” media type” , so again it suggests me to change it (because it’s 0.3, not 1.0) to application/rss+xml or application/xml.
    What should I do?

    As of RSS 1.0 – it says (not freevalidator, it does not give me any errors but )

    XML parser error – Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding ! Bytes: 0xD0 0xBF 0xD1 0x80
    XML Parsing failed

    So here Title: Missing. This is a required element of <item> – see RSS 1.0 section 5.5
    Link: Missing. for all my news! (but it’s Ok with those I posted with installed

    Should I ignore it and rely on freevalidator’s results or there is something wrong with the file? Because even does not find any problems wth?

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    The Atom errors relate to the fact that WordPress v1.5.x only produces Atom v0.3 feeds. The Atom feed specification was updated to v1.0 only a few days ago, but v0.3 is technically no longer supported by Atom’s designers, so FeedValidator has also dropped support for v0.3. WordPress v1.6 will produce Atom v1.0 feeds, but if you would rather not wait, just apply this patch:

    As for which validator to use, use FeedValidator. They are the most popular, most accurate, and most standards-compliant feed validator available.

    Good stuff, thx!

    Freevalidator validates my RSS 1.0 no problem, so it’s nice ;-))) was giving me pain in the arse all the time, so i think because even ‘s RDF validator does not find any errors (considering the fact that FeedValidator does the same) it’s something wrong with

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    Well, keep in mind that your RSS 1.0 (actually 0.92) feed is not your RDF feed. RDF feeds are technically out of date and are beginning to quickly lose popularity. But, if you ever want to access your RDF feed, it would be located at either /feed/rdf/ (with permalinks) or wp-rdf.php (without permalinks).

    hm… what about /feed/rss/ I think thats 0.92 as it says?

    And yes the problem I had (have?) was with /feed/rdf/, so again, we can just call it RDF =) or even like this –

    RSS 1.0 (RDF) – /feed/rdf
    RSS 0.92 – /feed/rss
    RSS 2.0 – /feed/

    have i missed something?

    site/feed/ defaults to /feed/rss2/

    Yes thats what I stated.

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    Have I missed something?

    Nope, you’ve got it all correct.


    BTW this is kinda confusing, I mean those two files here is it possible to get an actual wp-atom files patched? I mean all those + and – in the code ;-)) sorry Im new to this tracking system.

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    Yeah, I was never good at those either. There should be some way to use command line to quickly patch your files, but I can never remember the command, and I don’t care to either. A Google search may turn up some useful information though. If you would like to do it manually, just compare the .diff to your current file. The ‘+’ means that the line was added, and the ‘-‘ means that the line was removed.

    Thx a lot! they always make us do it the hard way ;-))

    Just to correct macmanx: RSS 1.0 is not “out of date”. RSS 1.0 is an application of RDF (Resource Descriptive Framework), created for web content syndication. Something that is “complete” is not “out of date”.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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