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    See the STC’s Notebook and the Intercom sections on this page. The widget feed works when I put it in a sidebar widget but the short code doesn’t work correctly when I put it in a page. I’ve tried to use each of the following but they each are displayed in one column. Even if I try to add size=”100″. The sidebar widget format shows at the bottom of the page.

    Round grid templates – 3 columns layout
    Standard grid layout – 2 columns layout

    I kept an older RSS feed plugin below the FEEDSY RSS line to test the differences.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    @sleeplessindc can you please share screenshots using or something similar? Please also paste the entire shortcode you have used.

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    This is the shortcode I used:
    [feedzy-rss feeds="" max="6" feed_title="no" summarylength="90" template='style1' columns="3" ]

    It came out as a single column instead of three.

    The screenshot shows how it is displayed in one column wiith a lot of excess space above and below the bullets. The screenshot also shows how an older RSS plugin’s shortcode displays the bullets in a tighter list that I kept as a comparison. The shortcode for that one is
    [RSSjb feed="" num="9" pubdate="true" nofollow="true"]


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    Here is a second shortcode I tried that also displayed as a single column:
    [feedzy-rss feeds="" max="6" feed_title="yes" refresh="12_hours" summarylength="120" columns="2" size="100" ]

    Here isi the screen shot of that one:

    I also made a screenshot of how the first one above displays in the sidebar widget:

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    @sleeplessindc Actually the templates are only for the PRO version. In the free version you only get the default 1 column layout. If our documentation does not make it clear, we will strive to improve it so that there is no such confusion in the future.

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    The documentation does not make it clear. I downloaded the Lite version. Here are my editorial comments.

    There is no mention on the plugin page that it only displays the list in one column. It says “The plugin is easy to use, but we’ve got you covered on all the features you need, including responsive design, caching control,…”

    with the rest of the features identified as PRO: “autoblogging (PRO), extra templates and custom post types (PRO) and a lot more.”

    Then you have:


    1. Simple to install
    Install the plugin, add your RSS feeds, and then use shortcodes and widgets to display content on your site. Easy!

    2. Pretty as a picture
    Create beautiful RSS feeds with images, from all your favorite sites (yes, including complex media from sites like YouTube).

    3. Responsive & intuitive
    No matter the platform, your content will be fully responsive across mobile and tablet.

    4. Caching control
    Choose right from the shortcode how often you want content from your RSS feeds to get updated.

    5: …

    6: …

    So that tells me I can use shortcodes to display the RSS content on my site.

    Question–Where can one find the description and sample uses of the shortcode? I found it below the insert following item #6 about what PRO will give you. See below.

    Below item #6, you have the following insert in a lighter font weight:


    Integration with WordAI to avoid duplicate content
    Automatically convert RSS feed items to WordPress pages & posts (feed to post)
    Choice of templates to display content, including audio playback template
    Automatically add your affiliate links to RSS feeds for business autoblogging
    Parse and display pricing from product feeds
    Control your feed: blacklist specific keywords
    Unlimited support and updates from our team for the duration of your licence

    Learn more about Feedzy Pro

    Since I don’t need any of that for my site, I don’t need the PRO version.

    Then, following the insert about the PRO version, you have the following examples of shortcodes:


    Audio playback template
    Shop feed – 3 columns layout
    Feed categories – 1 columns layout
    Large image square grid – 2 columns layout
    Square grid template – 3 columns layout
    Round grid templates – 3 columns layout
    Standard grid layout – 2 columns layout
    Blog layout – 1 column layout

    You can use this plugin in your widgets or pages, reusing the shortcode and widget several times within the same page.

    By activating this plugin, your cover image will be inserted into your RSS feeds, making it will easier for external sites to retrieve images from your feeds.

    Those are the shortcodes I tried but they don’t work. This integration section does not make it clear that they are only for PRO. The pages the links go to also do not say the shortcode is only for PRO. See

    Other documentation found in the admin page for FREEDZY Support goes to information about the Block editor. There is no information about how to use this in the Classical Editor or what the shortcodes and restrictions are for the Lite version.

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    @sleeplessindc As mentioned in you other ticket, please go through the complete video in the Feedzy admin page – it shows both classic editor and block editor. We will address our documentation to remove any confusion. Thanks for your suggestions.

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    I watched the full video and saw that there is supposed to be a Feedzy RSS Lite icon in the edit menu for Add Page (and I presume for Edit Page), but there is no such icon. I read through the comments for the YouTube video and saw that several others say they can’t find the icon either.

    One person said it is there but transparent. That may have been true for WordPress 5.2.1 or earlier but I am using WordPress 5.2.2 and there is no icon for the edit menu. I turned off all my plugins except the Feedzy RSS Lite and Classic Editor plugins and there is no icon so no plugins are affecting this.

    It seems something in WordPress 5.2.2 has disabled the icon and therefore, the form for creating the shortcodes.

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    @sleeplessindc please update to the latest version. The issue with the icon has been fixed there.

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    Is there another location that has a more recent version than the one on the WordPress Repository page? I am using version 3.3.7 that I downloaded from the Repository page at and there is no Feedzy RSS button on the Page Edit. I am using WordPress 5.2.2.

    Please see the screenshot–no button–not even an invisible one.

    You can see it is not fixed in version 3.3.7.

    I notice on the WordPress admin Plugins page, it has a link to rollback to the previous version. Is that what you mean? Is the button there?

    Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite
    Deactivate | Rollback to v3.3.6

    A small and lightweight RSS aggregator plugin. Fast and very easy to use, it allows you to aggregate multiple RSS feeds into your WordPress site through fully customizable shortcodes & widgets.
    Version 3.3.7 | By Themeisle | View details | Documentation and examples | More Features

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    I’m deleting Feedzy RSS Lite. Version 3.3.7 just doesn’t work in WorPress 5.2.2 Classic Editor. I found a plugin that does (WordPress RSS Feed Retriever 1.3.1), a simple shortcode string that works in pages and text widgets.

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