[resolved] Feed URL Generator misses Slash - php wp_list_categories(’sortby=name&feed=RSS’) (2 posts)

  1. imagiscapeca
    Posted 8 years ago #

    (I had accidentally posted this in the Installation category, so I have now closed that one.)

    On the Options->General page, I tried setting the blog and site urls to have the ending slash in them, but upon saving changes (”Update Options”), WordPress automatically cut the trailing slashes. I tried / (forward slash) and \ (backslash, I believe).

    The code:

    <?php wp_list_categories(’sortby=name&feed=RSS’); ?>


    but we need

    categoryfeed is not a feed,
    category/feed is a feed.

    How do we get the php code to produce the missing forward-slash?

    (Yes the feeds I manually entered work, but the list generated by the code above does not.)

    In various combinations, I tried adding %2F, the [__] for a slash:

    but I don’t know PHP, and none worked.


    (My blog, if you want to see it, is imagiscape.ca/blog.)

  2. imagiscapeca
    Posted 8 years ago #

    This bug has been fixed for version 2.3.

    I didn't find this issue on Trac.wordpress.org, but Ryan Boren did, under the title
    "Category RSS feed function broken with URL rewrites"

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