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  • Hey.

    Problem: Trying to figure out how to send out a podcast that is added to a post after the post has already been sent out via RSS (feedburner)

    Example: I write a post, it gets sent out. The following week, at the end of that post I add an audio podcast to the bottom of that post, and I now need that podcast to be picked up via RSS and sent out.

    I don’t want to make a new post with just audio, (to avoid clutter) and I put the audio on a podcast page, but page’s or page updates are not picked up by RSS either.

    Any ideas on how I might make this possible?

    Link. Here is an example of a post, with audio added to the bottom (at a later date)

    Thanks so much


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  • Looking for a lil help here.

    Once it’s downloaded by the user I don’t believe it is possible to update it. I know some readers allow the rss feed to force an online html version of the post rather than the downloaded text, so when they read the post they would actually be vising your site, but I’m not entirely sure how to set that up.

    A fast hack would be to make a dedicated podcast rss feed with “all your latest podcasts”.

    Thanks so much. I look into a dedicated rss feed… again lol.

    My challenge was that I have two types of podcasts… 1 is where it is simply a blog read, where I add it to the past text blog, and add it to the Podcast “page”(not a new post). The second is where I create a new post for a podcast that is not just a blog read. The second could get picked up by the RSS, but trying to get it to pick up the blog reads- hmmmm that’s the tricky part.

    Any other ideas for that?


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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