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    Hello everyone !

    I have a big problem!

    I have set a Feed to post on my test-website and all work fine!

    But when I set a feed on my main website, nothing works…

    In the setting, CyberSEO get my feed with the first post, ok fine! But when I pull it, 0 post added…

    When I go to the makefulltextfeed.php url, I have this “No URL supplied”..

    Thanks for all

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  • Plugin Author CyberSEO


    There are many similar threads at this forum. Use default settings and do not change anything there if you are not sure on what you are doing.

    Even without edit anything settings, no post is published…

    Plugin Author CyberSEO


    Perhaps there are no new posts in the feed, or it’s broken, or your server can not connect to the other host. Maybe your IP was banned. Too many reasons can cause that. I can suggest you to delete that feed and add it again with the default settings.

    Firstly, the feed has never create a post

    After that, if my IP is banned of my source, the plugin would not see a preview of the feed no?

    Then, I have already delete and test with default setting and it still does not work…

    Plugin Author CyberSEO


    I can’t add anything more. If it was working earlier, it must working now too, right? You don’t think that I have broken my own plugin. It stopped then something has happened at your server or at the server you are trying to pull the feed from. You have not even provided a link to it. So what exactly I can do in this situation?

    CyberSEO Lite works at 10,000+ websites right now. If it get broken, you wold see a thousands of reports here. But there are no such reports so far. According to my logic it seems that the plugin itself is ok and the problem is somewhere else.

    I’m not saying that your plugin is not working.

    Because he work on my first website actually.

    But he don’t work on my second website with the identic feed.

    You know what I mean?

    I’m just looking for tips or setting for use your great plugin on my second website. That’s all…

    Plugin Author CyberSEO


    I can’t say anything without checking the feed you are trying to pull.

    Plugin Author CyberSEO


    I’ve just added your feed like this:

    and got this result:

    So the plugin works fine. But seems there are some problems with your server. I’m not a host admin, so unfortunately I can not help you to resolve this problem. I can fix my code if it’s broken, but I can not fix your server.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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