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  • Is there a way to have the feed be a little different for a theme? Like, I have a favicon.ico in one of my themes, and I use that for the site by having the line <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/favicon.ico" /> in my theme. I want to do the same thing for my rss feed, but I don’t want to just edit the global wp-rss2.php file, in case I ever want to switch to another theme or something. Can I put wp-rss2.php in a theme?

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  • If you are saying that you want to style the output of your RSS Feed, so that it looks nicer, I’m right there with you.

    In wp-rss2.php there is php code defining the header of the output for the feed:

    header('Content-type: text/xml; charset=' . get_settings('blog_charset'), true);
    $more = 1;


    personally i couldn’t determine how to add anything into that string.

    However, i did notice that adding the xml?tags enclosed in php echo tags might actually work.

    <?php echo '<?xml-stylesheet type=&quot;text/css&quot; href=&quot;; ?>'; ?>

    I got this working and wrote it up here

    No, that’s not really what I want.
    I want to have wp-rss2.php included as part of a theme. So the small changes I make to it will be enabled when that theme is enabled, and disabled when the theme is disabled.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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