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  1. Michael_
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Guys, not sure if you have already noticed this plugin (no, it is not from me, but I think it is worth to mention it):

    A Spanish guy has published a Spanish version of a plugin that provides statistics of the WordPress feeds: http://www.anieto2k.com/

    Frank has translated the administration into German and English, the English download is available here:

    The plugin seems to do a good job and records feed visits. OK, Feedburner states that they record the number of subscribers (and not visitors), however, it is impossible to get the real number of subscribers. Imagine someone is using a dial-up connection 10 times a day: 10 different IP addresses, how does Feedburner get the info that this is only one user? This is simply impossible although they state that their statistics are good. So Feedburner will count 10 subscribers in this case.

    Give the mentioned plugin a try, although it does not provide any detailed statistics and does not break em down to used feed readers, bots, etc. Finally, it needs to be improved by someone ;-)

  2. wyrd33
    Posted 10 years ago #

    The advantage of Feedburner isn't the stats, but the fact that it gets the feed off my web site. If your feed is popular enough, it will bring your web site to its knees. You could cache it, but you're still dealing with bandwidth. It's a win/win situation having your feeds on Feedburner.

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