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  • Nobody can help with this one? I have it on two different wp sites on two different hosts, so it cannot be that uncommon.

    Are you on a Win server that you need the “index.php” portion in the permalinks?

    I have tried it both ways with and without index.php. It displays the pages just fine, but not the rss feed link or if you put a real page in the directory it won’t load because it tries to find a post/page by the name of the post apparently.

    What it does is block a “page” from displaying unless it is a post Moshu.

    Define “real page”.

    There are millions of Pages (use capital P, if you are talking about Pages made by Write > Write Page) that are displayed with nice permalinks.
    So, it must be your settings or server.

    Ok, I have a site. I want to use nice permalinks to access the Pages on the site. It works fine with or without the index.php?

    I have two different sites on two different servers run by two different server companies. On each of those sites, as soon as I select permalinks two bad things happen:

    1. If I manually create a page in the same directory (not a wordpress created Page), that page cannot be accessed because wordpress tries to find a Page that matches it.


    2. Common links to /feeds, /comments/feeds or robots.txt no longer work for the same reason.

    As it is on two totally different servers, I cannot believe that it is an error of my creation.

    I used a capital P for Page now. Any hints? This is a big problem for me. It is on two different hosts. I cannot believe I am the only one with the issue.

    You are using the big P wrong…
    If you do NOT create your pages with WP (meaning: admin > Write > Write Page) – then I don’t know which part of the question is WP related. I guess, none.

    I am asking for help and I am trying to explain clearly. I understand that you have little rules you would like adhered to. I’m sure trying to but yes my problem is wordpress related.

    I upload wordpress, I use the program to create PPPPPPPPAGES. Yes with your P. I turn on permalinks and my feed links no longer work. — Feed links are created by wordpress and they should work, but they don’t. That is wordpress related.

    So I try to add a hard coded page to the directory. Yes a page. It cannot be found because wordpress overrides and tries to find it as a Page and gives a 404 back. So wordpress is masking pages. That again is wordpress related.

    I have the same problem on two different servers with two different hosts and two different installs. So I think it is an issue worthy of being solved as it isn’t some isolated thing. Granted it may have to do with some server setting or something, but it happens two different places so it must be common server settings.

    I have tried sorting through the documentation. I am not able to solve it. I appreciate that you spend a lot of time trying to help people and you have been helpful to me in the past, but I do hope we can concentrate on the issue and that someone will have a suggestion. I don’t ask for help lightly, but I need some here.

    And I am on nix servers in both cases by the way.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    It would help to have real live examples, because I’m not understanding what you’re talking about either. If permalinks work, then feed links will work. Having one work but not the other doesn’t make much sense. The only thing I can think of is that your .htaccess is broken in some way.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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