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    I reconnected the Insta account but it no longer updates.
    I presume once the account is connected and I allow the connection, that should be it but does not look that way.
    Do I need to do anything on the Facebook developer side or do I need to recode the plugin to get it to work?

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    If there is no fix for this, can you recommend a good plugin that will update the feed when posts are made.

    Plugin Support Smash Balloon Joel


    Hey @brightonseo,

    Thank you for reaching out to us for assistance. This is usually due to a specific plugin conflict such as page caching or database caching. Some generals steps to go through are the following:

    Go to Instagram Feed > Settings and ensure you have set the Check for new posts to in the background as this will help with some page caching conflicts.

    Then under Instagram Feed > Customize ensure Favor Local Images is enabled. Depending on the type of conflict you may need to test enabling Load Initial Posts with AJAX or Disable JS Image Loading. After changing any settings make sure to click Save Changes and also clear any website caches.

    To provide specific guidance in your situation here should you have further issues please reach out via our contact form here and provide the System Info from the plugin’s Support tab. This will provide context for us to provide more specific support.

    Many thanks and I wish you a great day ahead.



    I have the same since I use the feed on a site, a couple of months. At least once a week the feed is broken “No access token” for Instagram or the same error as mentioned above. It’s quite annoying. Is there a fix for this?

    Plugin Support Smash Balloon Joel


    Hey @dudematters,

    Thank you for reaching out here as well. There is not any specific fix here as this would not be related to an issue in the plugin itself – I will however see if we can identify what is causing this here. Keep in mind that we are working with the Instagram (Facebook) API and as such, we require a valid Access Token to authenticate and get API information. We have no control over the creation, or invalidation, of an Access Token.

    A Personal Access Token connection to a private Instagram Account will be invalidated and must be manually connected every 60 days.

    A Personal Access Token to a public Instagram Account, we automatically refresh every 60 days.

    A Business Profile Access Token will never expire on its own.

    With this in mind, some standard things to avoid (or at least be ready to reconnect after) would be the following:

    Changing your Facebook or Instagram password
    Having your role removed from one of the connected pages
    Clicking the ‘log out from all devices’ button in the account settings
    Removing the Smash Balloon app from your Business Integrations on Facebook or app connection in Instagram
    There are other issues that could make Facebook terminate the connection such as if they notice a security issue on the account such as a possible account intrusion.

    It may be that you are experiencing another issue, so the first step in these issues is to remove the connected account, Save Changes, then connect the account again, and not do any of the above-mentioned changes. If you still do run into these issues periodically please do reach out to our support via the link in my previous response here as we are happy to assist all of our users.

    Many thanks.

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