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  • 3 days and no response? Great work boys, keep it up…

    Plugin Author Geoffrey Crofte


    chrissyboy: Sorry?
    I hope your last message is not a sarcasm.

    I work for free and for the WordPress community.
    If you read correctly the rules for participation in the WordPress support forums, you would know that with a little more details, other peoples could answer you, and more quickly.

    I have a life, I have a work, both more important that your little problem, and I don’t want to be insulted by a beta user. So go away of this forum, and use another plugin.


    Sorry that my lack of patience has gotten to you. Judging from your response, I take it you do not have the answer to my question regardless.

    It is not resolved, but thank you for stooping down to my level and insulting me back. You are no different than I.

    Plugin Author Geoffrey Crofte


    I’m different:

    • I give something for WordPress users (time, advices, answer)
    • I gave you solution (try another plugin) (ok, stupid solution, but I have no precision about your installation :p)
    • I gave you attention
    • I gave you tips to precise your first post

    If you need help, be more precise, I can’t help you with informations about your installation.

    I reopen the topic.
    Sorry for my first post, I gave many hours to create and update this plugin, I hate lack of patience as return…

    I understand the frustration you are going through and I can only imagine the amount of emails you receive about plugin ‘problems’. Upon further investigation I doubt my problem has anything to do with your specific plugin. About a month ago my twitter feed just stopped working.

    This is either a glitch caused by another plugin or an update on twitters end that’s causing the issue.

    Google Analytics plugin caused this problem before. I disabled it and enabled it again. Everything worked out fine, but the problem returned a few months later.

    I am almost positive that your plugin is fine, but maybe you can assist me in finding this glitch, maybe you know someone who has experienced this problem before. Maybe you can tell me what plugins would cause this glitch.

    Either way, thank you for your time.

    Plugin Author Geoffrey Crofte



    Thank you for your understanding.
    In fact, you’re the first one having this glitch 🙂

    This problem appears in admin area only, or in public web site too?
    Could you give me an access (editor or author) to your blog to test the interface? If not, you will do tests by yourself :p (but I can guide you)

    Thanks you.
    Have a nice sunday.

    Plugin Author Geoffrey Crofte


    “3 days and no response?”
    lol, no, sorry, humor 🙂
    Take the time you need 😉

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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