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  • I’m using the plugin without an auth token, and using the latest version of both the plugin and WordPress.

    Unfortunately, the feed doesn’t appear to be updating automatically. It’s currently set to 30 minutes, but I’ve tries smaller intervals with no success. I have to click the button for a manual feed sync in order for the latest content to appear.

    I’ve tried using both the “friendly” facebook ID, and also the numeric one. No luck. Manual updates are successful, though.

    Any suggestions? (I’ve only had the plugin for a few weeks, and I’ve had this problem the entire time.)

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Daniele Angileri


    If the manual update is working then there is no issue with the connection itself. So you configured the plugin correctly against your facebook page.

    The automatic update is triggered once someone browses to your page where the stream is included. This happens via Ajax background request. Some WordPress plugins (caching, optimizer, CDN configuration) suppress this behavior or mess it up. Maybe that’s the reason why the auto-update is not working.

    I have the same problem. Is there a solution for that?
    If not, then what is the fun of using this plugin?

    Plugin Author Daniele Angileri


    since I can’t reproduce it and I have no insights in (custom) themes or installed plugins, there does not exist a solution for this behavior.

    @yolandal I’m having the same problem. I’m wondering if another plugin is interfering. By any chance, do you use WordFence, iThemes Security, or Sucuri Security?

    @daniele-angileri Is there a way to change the settings so that it updates at a regular interval automatically? Like every hour or every 30 minutes… (Rather than by being triggered by a visitor)?

    Plugin Author Daniele Angileri


    @greencouch currently there’s no way to trigger it without visitor interaction.
    Do you have the possibility to create serverside cronjobs?

    Hi @daniele-angileri, what command should I use for cron job to auto-update the feed. I am using the Shapely Theme from Colorlib. Please help me to get this working, I am very impressed with your plugin and was just about to purchase the FB Comments extension. Great work, Thank You

    @daniele-angileri – Can you please provide the info for the chron job in order to auto-update the theme?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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